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General Discussion Board / Re: Top Carry Firearms In Connecticut
« Last post by turbotype87 on Today at 07:00:09 PM »
I only carry 1911's. I bought a glock20 10mm years ago and wasn't impressed with it. Not knocking Glock or those who own them. I'm a Colt guy myself.
For rifles its probably the 10/22 and some sort of CT-compliant AR platform, be that "others" or fixed-mags or similar. G19s and Shields are the most sold handguns on Gunbroker since 2014 or so.
General Discussion Board / Re: Top Carry Firearms In Connecticut
« Last post by BerettaBoy213 on Today at 05:54:49 PM »
Gunbroker puts out a list of most sold guns every year on their platform, and the G19 and Shield regularly trade places for 1st and 2nd in handguns, while the reamining 3rd-5th places are impossible to predict and change every year.
General Discussion Board / Re: Top Carry Firearms In Connecticut
« Last post by SCAGNETTI on Today at 05:29:53 PM »
G19, G26, G42/43,  M&P's of all flavors, .380 mouse guns. This based on my opinion of what i see regularly. Not many people i know primary carry wheel guns. But a J frame backup is popular too. 
I know its a broad spectrum but there is too many to list by name. The market is flooded with guns in the sizes your asking about. 
Just what the title states. What would yall believe is the most purchased firearms in Connecticut is right now? List your top five in what you would guess for rifles n top five for pistols / revolvers. Or is there some way to find out?
General Discussion Board / Top Carry Firearms In Connecticut
« Last post by Mustang on Today at 05:05:49 PM »
What would yall say to which is the top five carry firearms in Connecticut right now? Lets put some parameters on this. Carry firearm being 3 to 4 inch barrel, note - not selling firearms just carry, semi or revolver, single stack or double stack, n goes without saying any action type.

Ruger SR 1911 .45
1 - 7 round Ruger mag
1 - 8 round Ruger mag
1 - 10 round Wilson Combat mag
SR1911 Eagle wing cocobolo grips
Original grips, box with paperwork
Used with less than 1000 rounds

$500 in Monroe CT - must have valid pistol permit.
Ruger GP100, 4" barrel. Hi Viz sights.  1 speed loader. Desantis black leather OWB holster.  133 rounds of .357 target ammo.  39 rounds of defense ammo.  Selling as a package only.  Local pickup in Griswold. 
Handguns and Pistols Discussion / Re: glock polymer80 build
« Last post by Steevo on Today at 01:44:19 PM »
I made 1 for my 17/34, fun range gun, but would never carry it even if i serialized it.  cool fad, thats all
they shouldnt sell ar-15's to anyone in this country......

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