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Mossberg Shockwave Tactical Rail - Black Aces Tactical
by cdarmssupply | Today at 11:20:09 AM
Add a high quality tactical rail to your Mossberg Shockwave with the Black Aces Tactical Quad Rail and Side Shell Combo.These rails are now available for the 12 Gauge Shockwave.  Our first batch sold out quickly but we have more coming in next week.  Only a few left for pre-order.  Normal cost for the rail and shell holder is $209.95.  Offering pre-order sale at $199.95.Rail is now shipping with free forend spike. you would want to reserve one, but pay cash please contact me here....
Re: Branford GC e-mail...
by CTSixshot | Today at 10:36:22 AM
Another open-to-the-public pistol match this Wednesday, tonight!Welcome to our 2017 / 2018 shooting season.We at the Branford Gun Club would like to invite you to our Wednesday night open shoot. We will be starting at 7:00 p.m. Please be there by 6:45 to sign in. Just a $10.00 entry fee. This is a center fire shoot. This will be a tactical shoot. So you will be reloading and shooting on the move. Come on down and join us for some fun. Bring your friends, family or just bring yourself. Hope to see you all there. This is a hand gun shoot only.    ...
Re: 9mm pistols with stepped chambers?
by CTSixshot | Today at 10:14:17 AM
I'll sell you these and you can have them brazed and resized...gtg!
Re: CT Against Gun Violence with Speaker Jonathan Perloe
by Mustang | Today at 05:19:05 AM
but but if you have a beard it makes you an instant rugged man ...or a lumberjack for him
Re: .44 Mag lever guns and recoil
by Bottom Rung | Yesterday at 07:40:42 PM
Late to the party...What Noodles said...I owned a Marlin 1894 in .44 Mag.  The recoil varied widely with the load.  A heavy load is going to be a heavy load no matter what.  I would say a hot .44 Magnum load out of my 1894 put the recoil feelz to my shoulder in the .308 Win. range.Run it with .44 Specials and the recoil is gone.  In fact, it almost tickles.  The fun factor goes up 10 fold as well.  Good luck....
Re: Looking for the best place for first time training
by JBear | Yesterday at 06:23:50 PM
Academie in Salem does something (Tuesdays, IIRC) they call "the game". I'm not unreasonably confident that there isn't much- if anything- out there that you can do to get very good very fast that even comes close. It has a more official name, but I forget what it is. Call or walk in and ask about the game, and call me in the morning.  ...
Re: Police Misconduct in Naugatuck.
by Sforan | Yesterday at 03:07:45 PM
DONT TRUST THIS GUY! Kidding....Odd thing is, shes on the outskirts of town near the range up on the mountain. Other people shoot up there on their own property, along with the other side of town (other side of the mountain still butting up against Naugatuck State Forest) without any issues. Im in Waterbury now, but the majority of my life was in Naugatuck. I know for a fact people shoot without issue.Ya they do . The guy up to the left on the other street skeet shoots. Those clay disks. I have videos of hunters shooting off rounds every weekend. I watched a father and son take down a buck a few weeks ago right off my property. I live off Hunters RD . Take a right off my street and there are signs posted every where for the hunters. You cant make this stuff up.This may or may not be S.Fora...
Re: Training Question
by Broadhead | Yesterday at 09:06:31 AM
Lower Fairfield County...
Re: Mass shooting Las Vegas, over 50 dead, 100 injured
by sbhaven | Yesterday at 08:05:27 AM
Las Vegas shooting: Attorneys file lawsuits on behalf of more than 450 victims who filed one of the first lawsuits after the Oct. 1 mass shooting that killed 58 concert-goers and left hundreds injured on the Las Vegas Strip filed four new negligence cases Monday on behalf of more than 450 victims.This time, however, Houston-based lawyers Chad Pinkerton and Mo Aziz filed the cases in Los Angeles against companies including MGM Resorts International, the corporate owner of both the Mandalay Bay resort and the Route 91 Harvest Festival concert venue.Pinkerton said the intent was to get the cases before a jury less likely to be influenced by the size and clout of a casin...
Re: Mossberg Shockwave
by morph860 | November 20, 2017, 10:24:11 PM
1 left...
Steyr Arms Consumer Rebates
by morph860 | November 20, 2017, 10:12:15 PM
Some of this stuff is way too much fun for us in CT - but they are running some good deals right now.
Re: Shoulder rig recommendations for Glock 29 or 1911?
by BerettaBoy213 | November 20, 2017, 09:21:35 PM
"Best weapon for home defense" threads typically go like:Joe, ".357 revolver is the best and most reliable"Bill, "An AR-15 is the best."Jim, "An AR-15?  Are you fvcking nuts?!  You will kill all your neighbors with the penetration"Ben, "No AR-15 bullets break up in the first inch of drywall"Jason, "A 20 gauge with bird sho"t is best"Allen, "A 9mm with heat seeking bullets"Mike, "9mm?  Are you freaking kidding?  10mm!!!!"Norton, "I vote for a minigun"Ralph, "12 gauge semi auto with 3.5" slugs"Charlie, ".38 special with poison tipped bullets"etc, etc, etc.......Barrett .50 BMG 10" barrel "pistol." If you miss, the concussion will still get...
Re: what pouches/gear using on your plate carriers?
by Joe | November 20, 2017, 06:43:17 PM
Tacos, the new rage are the gcode soft scorpion though I’m staying it’s what I have....
Re: GWACS lower receiver
by imahangtia | November 20, 2017, 09:04:28 AM
I have a couple of the GWACS lowers (formerly Calvary Arms)One I built into a carbine in .45 ACP.  It uses un-modified M3 Grease Gun Mags!...Cool!  You have some interesting toys.  I'm jealous :)...
Re: FM20 :D
by jettech1599 | November 19, 2017, 10:22:11 PM
Henson, this makes me want something like a Salvo 12 on a Shockwave.  The FDM12 (Frequency Deadened Muzzle  ;D).12G Shockwave barrel too short to suppress?  Then perhaps the new 20G Shockwave... aka Madsmithberg's SilentShockOmg Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk...
Re: Looking for shelving
by traintoad | November 19, 2017, 05:33:46 PM
K Mart southbury going out,  selling everything  Hurry last days...
Re: Arisaka length of pull
by CTSixshot | November 19, 2017, 05:27:58 PM
Remember, the Japanese soldiers were giants!As per Wikipedia:Length (Type 99) 1,118 mm (44.0 in) or 1,258 mm (49.5 in) The Type 99 was produced in four versions, the regular issue Type 99 Short Rifle, the Type 99 Long Rifle (a limited production variant) and takedown Type 2 Paratroop Rifle and the Type 99 Sniper Rifle. The standard rifle also came with a wire monopod and an anti-aircraft sighting device. The Type 99 was the first mass-produced infantry rifle to have a chrome lined bore to ease cleaning. All of these features were abandoned by mid-war.
Nosler 55g JHP (.224") at NET&SS
by CTSixshot | November 19, 2017, 03:51:20 PM
Seems like a pretty good deal, at 16¢ or less, for you .223 Remington reloaders:
Re: Why hunters are trading in traditional hunting rifles for the AR-15
by Mustang | November 19, 2017, 01:19:38 PM
Plus not to mention the ergonomics and its light weight is head over heels better then the 2x4 hunting rifles of old....
Re: I cant wait to go hunting.
by firepolock | November 18, 2017, 08:47:19 PM
A wall of steel stopped these illegals from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk...

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