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Re: 9 Killed at church in Charleston SC
by safeaction | Today at 10:01:37 AM
I don't know, not a big fan of the "prison rape" culture...... but you kill 6 african american and then go into the penal system......
FS: Meprolight Bullseye FT Sights - Glock Pistols
by cdarmssupply | Today at 06:07:41 AM
The FT Bullseye micro optic pistol sight is a revolutionary design that eliminates the need for the front sight. Meprolight's top engineers combined fiber optics and tritium technology to produce a handgun sight that works day or night and in all lighting conditions. No batteries needed. Center the dot in the circle and you are on target. Simple, fast and accurate. The innovative single rear sight is low profile and will not snag on clothing and fits all holsters. Aim For Greatness with the Meprolight FT Bullseye$135.00 out the door.  Pickup in Meriden or ship on your dime. from my iPhone using Tapatalk...
Re: Sheriff Deputizes University Professors so They Can Carry on Campus for Self-Def
by JBear | Today at 05:58:39 AM
Why didn't congress think of that? It's much easier than passing new laws allowing them to carry firearms to baseball practice. Congressmen and Senators could all get deputized by the US Marshal service! This would "get around" the pesky bans on firearms anywhere they may go where they may not be safe in spite of the armed bodyguards that we pay for them to have while we go without. The list of elite humans exempted from the legally disarmed populace is growing... ...
Law of the Land: Kansas Students Armed on Campus for Self-Defense Starting July
by IamJohninCT | Today at 05:17:10 AM of the Land: Kansas Students Armed on Campus for Self-Defense Starting July 1by AWR Hawkins28 Jun 2017On July 1, 2017, Kansas’ long-awaited campus carry law goes into effect. The campus carry bill was passed and signed in 2013, but gave colleges and universities four years to decide what areas—if any—they would declare gun-free, and to put sufficient security in those areas.The Kansas law is structured so that schools that do declare certain buildings gun-free must take upon themselves the responsibility of keeping students in those buildings safe. This means the installation of metal detectors at entrances and the use of armed guards.KWCH reports that Wichita Sta...
Re: Has the proprosed $300 CP renewal died?
by Mustang | Today at 01:41:20 AM
So like normal they will say, WE the firearm owners (the small portion of Connecticut) will once more "save" Comunist-icut by taxing only US firearm owners. Though the funds will "only" go for the "vast" increase of state personal and paperwork (unproven) due to the burden placed on legal firearm owners. Yet if proven they only have THEMSELVES to blame. Burden is infringement. Yep, increase on permit holders helped the last seven jumps in our pistol permits. Just like socialism lest see if we vn do it better this time. Reply n future outlook is FK NO!!!!! Dumbfks, look what happened the last few hundred or thousand so years bubblecum. Stop blowing cum bubbles and popping them with your lounge and look to reality fk d1ck.  FK THIS GUY FK HIS LIES N FK THI...
Re: sr25 preban
by sludwinjr | Today at 12:07:53 AM
well i had jojo's cut the barrel down to 18.5" and thread it.  picked up surefire brake, a JP adjustable gas block, a luth-ar stock, new ergo grip. have a rail arriving tomorrow......will head out to a few shops to see if i can find a extended charging handle and a few extra mags for it.  ;D...
Colt Sporter AR15 pre ban new in box unfired $1800
by Thirdson73 | Yesterday at 10:49:18 PM
New in the box Colt hbar, In original condition with bag and box that it was delivered in. Comes with the manual and cleaning kit located in the stock. Very clean rifle,  will include one 5 rnd steel mag. Located in Trumbull ...
Re: Town officials pass ordinance banning guns on town property in Woodbridge
by JBear | Yesterday at 06:02:30 PM
So... they were open carry only for that time? That seems unlikely in a state where 99% of the population (including a surprising amount of people who have their carry permit!) think that open carry is illegal here. ...
Re: Walmart Watch
by ctyankee | Yesterday at 01:41:38 PM
Not a bad price for brass case 9mm.  At the Milford WM.
Re: 6/28/17 - overnight law change in California?
by BerettaBoy213 | Yesterday at 01:31:34 PM
The Daily Shooter and Gun Guy TV are 2 cali youtube channels who have covered this stuff in detail if you want to know more. Sent from my LGL41C using Tapatalk...
Re: Best drop in AR two stage trigger
by PJ31 | Yesterday at 12:36:33 PM
LaRue is backordered, hopefully doesn't take too long. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk...
Re: SCOTUS Denies Petition for Certiorari on Peruta v California
by BigBluefish | Yesterday at 11:40:08 AM
We are going to get at least 2 nominations in the next 2 years and then its game over for the antis.........hopefully.It will, unfortunately, never be over. ...
Re: FS: Rock Island - Rock Ultra FS
by JBear | Yesterday at 05:47:04 AM
Man, I wish I wasn't in the process of dumping six month's pay that I haven't earned yet into my truck right now. If one bid takes it I'm going to be kicking myself for awhile. ...
Re: Shockwave and shotgun questions
by Sixshot6 | Yesterday at 05:37:52 AM
Yeah, the Canucks got something cool we don't. If there ever was a design for Mossberg or Remington to copy........That or the Sap-6, both use metal magazines instead of plastic like Black Aces.I believe the sap 6 might be available in a barrel length for us importation now so either a grey import from Canada or a us importer could bring them in as donor sbs shotties?...
Re: Clearing Out All Non-Shotgun Items
by cdarmssupply | Yesterday at 05:07:47 AM
I sell online only.Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk...
Re: Anyone here work at Greysons?
by Fyrfytr998 | Yesterday at 12:12:39 AM
SKSs aren't AWs to my understanding. Sent from my LGL41C using TapatalkYeah, just putting it out there for the 7.62 Commbloc fans...
Re: Ares SCR
by Fyrfytr998 | June 27, 2017, 10:30:11 PM
Gonna use the archangel rifle grip stock maybe? the Gunguy has a video where he used a vortex pst and he was getting good results. I think you can get the trigger polished as well. Is it the ranch or the tactical with the hider replaced with a brake?Nope. I've grown fond of the Walnut stock. And every Mini pic that has impressed me most was usually sporting the wood stock. So I'll work off that....
Re: Ruger MKII mainspring re-assembly
by Ericruno | June 27, 2017, 08:03:06 PM
Brought it to a local smith today. Needs a press and jig to get it back. ...
Re: Who's shooting today?
by BerettaBoy213 | June 27, 2017, 03:41:54 PM
Late afternoon, around 4ish?Ok, had left by then. Sent from my LGL41C using Tapatalk...
Re: One for the Mini 14 owners
by Sixshot6 | June 27, 2017, 02:22:43 PM
I think you mean that they couple bottom to bottom. You then flip it over for the other 5 rounds.I should have said that, but same principle if you use 10's and they work....

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