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Re: Teacher caught on hidden mic about their propaganda rally on Saturday
by BigBob | Today at 02:55:39 PM
As the morons clap while there rallying to try take away their 2nd  Amendment rights in the future. We just want to live in a safe space world of rainbow unicorns and candy-flavored bunny farts....
MOVED: Gun owners sue Florida for banning bump stocks
by sbhaven | Today at 02:20:15 PM
This topic has been moved to USA/International Firearms Related News.
I suppose this could skirt around AK restrictions?
by CTSixshot | Today at 12:16:08 PM
Just get a firearm chambered in 9x39mm...
Re: School walk outs
by CTSixshot | Today at 10:56:22 AM
Somewhat relevant article...
Re: CT state police should not get a new range anywhere in the state unless.....
by joelcramer | Today at 10:48:18 AM
That location is sooo far away from the majority of the troopers who would use it. I’m guessing even they don’t want that one to work out.The troopers would love it. When they train they do it on the tax payers dime. That is overtime for them. Both travel time and actual training time....
Gun owners sue Florida for banning bump stocks
by rifles | Today at 10:35:25 AM
Gun owners sue Florida for banning bump stocks
Re: Ready to re-enlist?
by M1A_All_Day | Today at 10:03:53 AM
Basically, you have to be able to earn retirement before 65. AIr Force is currently max enlistment age of 39. ...
Re: Advice for a MA Pistol Permit
by CT.Jer | Today at 09:35:43 AM
I know a few folks who have non-res RI permits.  Certain towns are easier to acquire permits through.  Just do your homework on what Town to go through, as it changes. ...
Re: Bump stock bill HB05542
by shermer-high | Today at 08:40:11 AM
Is anyone from the Bristol area going to the hearings?...
Re: The Sschool walk out violence and its organization not by kids.
by Mustang | Today at 07:13:14 AM
Unknowing and easily manipulated by the left.Anti firearm signs from walkout Wednesday......
Re: Cabelas Eliminates Lay-Away Service
by IamJohninCT | Today at 06:10:38 AM
That's funny I actually bought my first rifle on lay away from Kmart when I was a kid with no money it was a model 60 Marlin.Nothing wrong with Kmart - I bought a 10/22 there many years ago - today it is called a preban.  I also bought a Mossberg pump 20 ga from Caldor back in the day.  ...
Re: Transferring firearm between family
by joelcramer | Yesterday at 05:53:06 PM
That's true even between states i.e., when grandfather transferred the guns to CT)?  If so, it seems like I would just put her father as the seller.A person in one state can not transfer any gun to a resident of another state. I understand this to be the original transfer was done in NY before the move to CT. That transfer may have been illegal in NY but I don't know. In any case we are not in NY and that issue is not ours....
Re: Pachaug Outdoor Club plates
by CTSixshot | Yesterday at 05:04:13 PM
I believe so. I've only been to a centerfire pistol match back in the summer. I am not a member there. ...
Re: Which preban AR,AR lowers
by RevlimiterRuss | Yesterday at 04:35:56 PM
Dammit, I was all happy with my SCR before this post ... now I've been doing nothing but shopping for prebans.Just be happy you only bought one before realizing preban is the way to go. ...
Re: Actor faces weapons charges for wielding prop gun during filming
by Will1776 | Yesterday at 04:09:43 PM
Wow, I can only imagine all the weapons charges I would have if CT had similar laws! Loved to play airsoft with friends as a kid. ...
Re: Youtube's new rules banning guns
by bcurtis | Yesterday at 03:43:52 PM
I get that people see it as a 1st amendment issue, I think it's worthy of discussing if it does but at this moment I don't see it that way.  I see it as a "This sucks and Youtube sucks right now" issue.The microsoft antitrust lawsuit was based on it holding a monopoly and engaging in anti-competitive practices.  I'm sure someone is trying to see if they can apply the same to Youtube right now.  In your example you state you couldn't run all the same software on MAC/OS or other windows competitors, which is quite different than uploading videos and accessing videos from other sites, because you can.  That being said, I fully get that there is a ton of content on Youtube that it isn't on other sites. But Youtube isn't keeping (as fa...
Re: Mass shooting Las Vegas, over 50 dead, 100 injured
by ffederico | Yesterday at 01:19:34 PM
That audio sure sounds like two rifles at times...
Re: AR Pistola
by sludwinjr | Yesterday at 12:24:18 PM
Nice looking AR Pistol.  Definitely post pictures when that's done.What 7.5 upper is that?I built it using:--Vltor mur upper receiver--7.5" ballistic advantage hansen barrel in 5.56 with pinned gas block-- brownells tim m16 bcg ( not in pic )-- yankee hill quad rail-- kak industries micro flash can-- bcm charging handlewith my brownells discount it want to expensive...
Re: Is there a lawyer in the house?
by Bottom Rung | Yesterday at 12:19:28 PM
Something like "ATF crashes innocent small business, finds nothing, confiscates private property anyway"That’s how they roll.......
Re: ATF at the freedom shop
by sludwinjr | Yesterday at 11:33:58 AM
:laugh: :laugh:  Actually LOL-ed.  A picture of that would be a meme that would have spread like wildfire!my sister has a black suburban, wonder how long till she would notice it...

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