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Re: Springfield Armory dealers
by mu2bdriver | Today at 06:48:09 PM
When I was looking for an SA dealer I PM'ed 860firearms through the board and he gave me an excellent quote on what I was looking for.Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk...
Re: CT Legal Kriss Vectors for sale. :D
by Sixshot6 | Today at 06:25:24 PM
We have one in the shop.  Been selling them since May, 2013.  ;DNot an 'other' though, but a rifle with a pinned mag. know, I just feel I have to keep steering you in the direction of an "other" version, if only to prove myself right  :evil:...
Re: Shipping handgun to self
by Skinnedknuckles | Today at 05:19:45 PM
they are wrong. No other way to say it they don't know what they are talking about. You can go to ATFs website and look at their frequently asked questions and see it there. Print this out and bring it with you to ship the package.I know you are trying to ship it home, so it is the office at that end making the call, but I would try visiting a UPS or FedEx facility here and try to talk with someone beyond the person at the service desk, taking the ATF document with you.  Maybe they can help you with the corporate language you need to break through at the other end.  It just boils down to the fact that just because it is legal does not mean they have to do ...
Re: Monson USPSA Sunday 3/26/17
by CT.Jer | Today at 04:59:29 PM
Big turn out today.  5 squads about 18 people deep. ...
Re: Gun Control Group Vows $25M to Fight ‘Concealed Carry’
by edgephoto | Today at 11:17:46 AM
Watts the hell is that?I think that is Hillary before makeup....
Re: Appeal for being last 8 week deadline?
by edgephoto | Today at 11:07:21 AM
I mailed my appeal on April 14th. Trying to be patient!  But now I am wondering how long THIS is going to be...Interesting to note a colleague of mine was fingerprinted the day before me and the Avon Police just told her someone who went in the end of December just got their permit so she should wait a couple more weeks.  So an 8 week process is taking 16.  Has anyone ever challenged the state from a legal perspective on this delay?  Just wondering how they are getting away with it... Apologies for my frustration...Contact Rich at CTcarry....
Re: Pre-ban Question
by sbhaven | Today at 08:24:38 AM
Sorry to bring up an old thread, but does it matter to the state if the rifle was built in AW configuration before or after 1994 or is it just the lower that counts? The statutes do not address that issue. The statue only says the firearm (not the AW) had to be manufactured prior to 9/13/94. The general consensus (for example) is that one can put a threaded barrel on a preban handgun today if they wanted to. There are a few who belelive that the firearm had to be in AW configuration on the day it was sold to be a preban and that one cannot make a non AW preban into an AW preban after that date."Sec. 53-202m. Circumstances when assault weapons exempt from limitations on transfers and registration requirements. Notwithstanding a...
Re: Liberal Lawyer: ID to Vote=Unconstitutional, ID to buy Gun=Constitutional
by JBear | Today at 06:56:58 AM
True enough, and that makes it difficult sometimes to know exactly what to expect from someone who claims to be a liberal. You have to then go on to find out if they're also a millennial, a hippie, etc... for someone as generally misanthropic as I am, it's more trouble than it's worth. ...
Re: Seantor Murphy hosting townhall in WH
by Will1776 | Yesterday at 10:22:06 PM
Egads!  She goes out to a televised public event dressed like that?  She says she is scared.  Maybe you should wear a "Make America Great Again" hat, give her a hug to make her feel safe.  :evil:haha I like to mess with her a bit. She walks the track after school occasionally so during track practice I'll run past her during a workout and yell "global warming is a myth!" since she's an AP environmental science teacher lol. She's pretty nice though and just laughs.  :laugh: ...
Re: BrassHunt
by SemperFi | Yesterday at 09:27:18 PM
All I find in my yard is rabbit and dog shit....
Re: Bradford, RI match
by CT.Jer | Yesterday at 06:48:26 PM
Colin and Shaun kicked some ass that match.  I may have finished slightly lower than those guys.  :dunno:...
Re: Where is Sarah Connor when we need her?
by SebertJr | Yesterday at 06:43:19 PM
Re: Patriot Ordnance Factory ReVolt in CT?
by Sixshot6 | Yesterday at 06:08:29 PM
While obviously I love the M1A, I did oggle a Troy PAR in 308 recently. Feels super-nice. The pump keeps your front hand on the grip and it would seem you would stay on-target pretty well. I was just curious about this POF, though- thanks for the info.I remember them being imported into the uk, until the importer ceased uk operations (long story short the guy decided he'd move to pastures anew with his American wife to texas, it made no sense to live here when he could with his qualifications have an easier and less stressful time moving there, among other things) and it was from what I gathered a good gun but due to the how things in the uk are, the order for straight pulls is a milled out upper with an installed side charger to make up for no gas system working the action anymore. S...
Re: Ruger 10/22 laws
by Sixshot6 | Yesterday at 05:22:00 PM
Wow that's pretty damn cool.You can get some engraved 22 lowers here its not a banned centrefire lower. uppers are sold there, the normal ones seem out of stock, you may need to contact about restock or possibly order special stainless steel one. Then just get a lower parts kit, nice trigger (Ruger's 452 AR triggers seem a good bet). A decent fixed stock, pistol grip and pin and weld either a muzzle brake or thread protector on the barrel and you're away. the 10 rounders are the size of a 20 rounder. Thanks to uk laws I'll be able to have the 14 rounders. Put a decent optic on and enjoy 1 moa accuracy. 30 grainers can do 2,350 ft/s.Hell you could order multipl...
Re: Anyone here use the Kore Trakline belt?
by imahangtia | Yesterday at 04:56:26 PM
Based on Joe's reply above and a bunch of youtube videos I purchased one last week.  It should be here Monday.This is an old video from November 2015, but the code he mentions at 10:38 "KORE10" still worked to take off 10%. are also coming out with another belt in a few months that I might try if I like the one I just bought.  If this works I will be happy.  I was getting ready to take some Bianchi and Galco belts to have additional holes punched in them, but didn't really want to do that. also mentioned here
Re: Looking for a clay range
by Jayct | Yesterday at 03:43:05 PM
Took the advice and went to Hamden Club for a walk around.  The rain didn't help and a Boy Scout rifle shoot was taking place, so not best day for a tour.  The few people I did meet seemed great.  I was told a sponsor was needed to join & to come back next weekend to see their registered trap shoot.  So if any member will be there next weekend, I would appreciate introducing myself and hopefully get a sponsor too.  Thanks in advance....
Re: CT Troopers find illegal weapons after traffic stop
by imahangtia | Yesterday at 01:37:18 PM
Decades ago in another life I was a mechanic (Porsche, MB, BMW, Ferrari, etc) in another state.  Several of my customers were Mafia (real Mafia).  Several times they forgot and left guns in their cars (glovebox, door pockets).  I had to ask them not to do that so I wouldn't get in trouble if I was pulled over during a test drive.  One day I was talking to a friend of one of these "good fellas" and he said, "That's nothing!  <name omitted to protect the guilty> usually carries a machinegun or two in the trunk".After that I used to check the trunk too if I was going to test drive it....
Inexpensive universal pistol/rifle cleaning kits recommendations?
by imahangtia | April 21, 2017, 04:26:11 PM
I am not a purist, and don't want long single piece rods.  I don't want Otis.  I want:1.  .177 - 12 gauge2.  INEXPENSIVE3.  Some type of decent case that won't fall apart  (my old Hoppes .22 only kit plastic case is falling apart).4.  90% of the time I clean with boresnakes, so again....  I don't want to spend a shit ton of money.5.  Any particular kits you like from Amazon?  WallyWorld?  Something else mail order?TIA...
Re: Lwrc m6a3 upper
by joea132 | April 21, 2017, 04:14:20 PM
I was considering snagging a new upper for my REPR but they don't seem to be including them in the sale. Edit: nevermind I just saw they Are on the site finally.....hmmmm...
Re: Pulled HSTs 40 cal. @ RMR
by CTSixshot | April 21, 2017, 11:27:02 AM
Looks like the 180 grainers are gone; just the mixed lots (155g to 180g) are in stock...for how long?Still none showing up in .355" or .451" diameter. Oh well.Same with the .357" diameter GDHPs......

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