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Re: Who's shooting today?
by imahangtia | Today at 04:00:12 PM
Today was .22LR and .223 day.  I even went prone which I don't do often.Breezy, 65 degrees, sunny.Good times!...
Re: Illinois County Declares Itself a Sanctuary…for Gun Owners
by SigNut | Today at 02:16:40 PM
Pretty much meaningless in my opinion.  Reminds me of several years ago some states saying they would ignore federal gun laws.  I have yet to hear of a bunch of new machineguns being manufactured in any states.Towns and counties making their own laws might sound good initially, but it won't end well and could backfire.Imagine Hartford county suddenly banning carrying of guns and ignoring CT Pistol Permits, etc.I love it. When I was in college I belonged to a Civil War re-enactment artillery unit.  Our commander lived in Effingham and owned a full scale 3” Ordinance Rifle canon.  That thing was a lot of fun to shoot.Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk...
Re: Where to buy SMALL AR 500 targets?
by bizkitjmd1 | Today at 01:51:27 PM
I want a FEW SMALL (4 - 8") AR500 plates.  Nothing fancy.  Easy to move around.There are a number of sellers on Amazon and Ebay.  Any other suggests where to buy?TIASpartan Armor Systems sells 6 and 8 inch AR500 plates. I'm a dealer and can get you prices if you're interested. PM me...
Re: Who borrowed my brass chop saw in Oxford?
by joelcramer | Today at 01:10:42 PM
No good deed goes unpunished.Hope you get it back. Good luck....
Walther PPQ M2 10 round mags
by newpermitee | Today at 12:37:50 PM
I am hearing different things about this.  What I want to know is if Connecticut has said this gun is a no go because of the dimpled mags, of is it just Walther being over cautious....
Re: Hit Blockbuster 'A Quiet Place' Slammed For Its 'Regressive' Stance On Guns
by squad1 | Today at 12:27:39 PM
And what about the "throw a can of food" defense? Libtards!  :bash:Paired with the bats, you run the risk of a baseball game breaking out......
A few more auctions (G19, CZ Duo, British 303, etc)
by morph860 | Today at 10:11:43 AM C.A.I. British 303C-Z DuoGlock G19 Gen 4 w/ Trijicon night sightsG.S.G.1911-22Para Ordnance Expert Stainless 1911Walther TPH .22LR...
Re: Kel tec RDB-C (possible CT legal bullpup)
by msg1956 | Today at 06:59:01 AM
Given the all inclusive definition of the word "action", I cannot see how this rifle could be CT legal.  I would not want to be the test case, if LE reads the law the same way I do. ...
Re: Sig P365
by JBear | Today at 05:52:15 AM
That does look nice, but not nice enough to adopt the caliber for. ...
How many grilled pets does it take to make a Kalashnikov?
by imahangtia | Yesterday at 11:34:02 PM
Re: Wells Fargo did not cave to American Federation of Teachers
by imahangtia | Yesterday at 09:20:58 PM
I suppose that makes up for the million accounts they opened illegally in their customer's names without their knowledge...Oh yeah!  I forgot about that.Believe no one.  Trust nothing....
by sludwinjr | Yesterday at 08:41:31 PM
PSA is Fuckin junk, Save your money for a few more pay checks and get something that won't be schitt.Plus not all of their uppers/parts are made in the USA,Quality Control has always been a issue with their Palmetto Named productsFWIW.Can't agree more, but people still think a complete upper with bcg and sights at $200 is good quality......for example.... the brownells branded uppers ( i think are made by radical )... are terrible quality, if you see 1 in person and search the internet, the rail is like a $15 rail, barrel is maybe $59, receiver is $75, gas block is a $10 low profile aluminum junk, gas tube ia a gas tube and the bcg is very rough.I just dont see the point of these cheopo uppers when you can save for a little while longer and get better quality in the 500-600 price...
GUN SHOW!!! MAY May 18, 19 & 20 2018
by joelcramer | Yesterday at 07:39:27 PM
The Stratford Gun Collectors just called about a gun show in Naugatuck May 18, 19 & 20. They are running a 100 table show. There is a flyer at this link. It's kind of wacky but scroll down to find it.
Re: Blumenthal urges for common sense gun laws in CT
by Supes3 | Yesterday at 07:31:43 PM
I saw that too Crowder is pretty good the girl thought about buying a hand gun but found out she was to young.I just posted a new thread with the video! ...
Re: Styx on D!cks
by mu2bdriver | Yesterday at 06:27:37 PM
Without knowing exactly how many weapons they’re destroying it’s hard for me to believe that it would amount to tens of millions of dollars of inventory and certainly not hundreds of millions. In any Field and Stream or Dicks I walked into to kill time and laugh at, they never had any DD, Noveske, or other high end manufacturer. A lot of DPMS and other ‘entry-level’ sub-$500 retail stuff. I’ll be in Florida next week and will have to ask the staff at FAS where all the AR’s went. ...
Re: Glock Date of Manufacturer.
by hkman | Yesterday at 12:50:15 PM
I always call Glock. They are very good about it. A couple of times I called on some that they had to go into the archives to get the date and they did call me back....
Re: "Gun Jesus Apocrypha: The Gospel of Browning"
by BerettaBoy213 | Yesterday at 10:25:03 AM
I did a quick search of "Gun Jesus" on CTGT, but didn't didn't see anything.  The search function on CTGT is the worst of any website I have ever seen :eng101:...
Re: Vermont has gone crazy
by sbhaven | Yesterday at 08:08:56 AM
Challenges to the VT law have started. Be interesting to see where it goes. Sportsman's Club files suit challenging new Vermont gun laws Vermont Federation of Sportsman’s Clubs filed a lawsuit Wednesday morning challenging the state's new gun laws.Gov. Phil Scott signed the bills into law last week.The most controversial provision is a limit on high-capacity gun magazines.The group said the magazines are most commonly used for competitive sport shooting.The law limits magazine capacity to 10 round for long guns and 15 rounds for handguns.Vermont Federation of Sportsman’s Clubs president Chris Bradley said most rifles and pistols come standard with magazines larger than the new...
Re: Legality of shooting a bear in self-defense or defense of pet.
by Mustang | April 18, 2018, 08:54:50 PM
A bears sense of smell is very sensitive. Bear spray is quite effective and safer in a neighborhood , not to mention the police. But you guys pound on your chest and brag about your powerful rifles if it makes you feel like a big man.No ones doing what you said. You can go on and promote science and biology all you want. You can stand there and promote "save the bears" n "protect nature" while beating on your chest in mother natures robes. There's been reports of bear spray not working. Not sprayed direct in the face, slight wind, or bear very angry / hungry / pissed off. I will not want to take belief that the newer cans work "better". A bear roaring in your face standing on its hind legs will put the fear of God in you. The last thing people will be thi...
Re: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - Movie
by Will1776 | April 18, 2018, 07:05:13 PM
No Marlin 45/70 in this one??  :sad:...

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