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by Mustang | Today at 05:15:01 PM
wow, ok I stand corrected. This sucks, they must of got tons of people looking to get letters....
Re: -LAWYERS LOOK- Eligibility To Purchase Certificate. -LAWYERS LOOK-
by The Baron | Today at 05:13:27 PM
After much confusion, The Supervisor informed me that one would have to start afresh, so no; prints initiated at “the issuing authority” do not carry over. Thus, I have decided to give the ”Blue State Bureaucratic Bulwark” more time to iron itself out....
437 missed calls....WTF??
by sludwinjr | Today at 04:50:07 PM
so I had to do an update on my phone, after it was complete, it said i had 437 missed calls, and then got a bunch of voicemails ( mailbox full ).  i called verizon which got me no where, went to the store and was told phone was probably hacked at some point.  weird since i had got calls from my dad, sis, gun shops and a few others.  they said it can be hacked on and off as wen its needed. never heard of this before, but i guess makes sense. I dont get a phone bill as i just automatically pay it and have unlimited....  I got missed calls from my doctor (no big deals) gun clubs ( which sucks) a few job opportunites and lots of junk. I must have just not noticed during the day some days when phone would never get calls.  i got a new sim card and changed a few things, ...
Granby Bow and Gun 500 yd range
by voyager77 | Today at 04:42:59 PM
Granby Bow and Gun is accepting memberships. We are 20 minutes east of Springfield and have a 500 yd range, one of the longest in NE.  Paper and steel targets. Several pistol bays out to 50 yds. We are still optimistic we will get our 1000yd range back in operation. No waiting list. Indoor/outdoor archery. Reasonable menberships. Check us out,
Re: AR-500 targets at Wal-Mart (Westerly, RI)
by JBear | Today at 04:32:00 PM
Well, damn. My buddy has been talking about making some of these for years. Kind of silly to make it yourself at that price, especially if you'll probably never actually get around to it. ...
Re: No Protective Class in NJ
by JBear | Today at 04:30:50 PM
Fair enough. Well, not to cops, but... point taken. ...
Re: Kel-Tec RDB-C Sighting
by Will1776 | Today at 04:19:37 PM
Looks like a potentially great bull pup option for CT ...
Elite Indoor Gun Range, S. Kingstown, RI
by CTSixshot | Today at 03:49:47 PM 150 yards available. Looks like women can shoot free on Wednesdays.Membership appears to be geared for wealthy folks, but rentals seem reasonable. Call them, they may have the model you seek to sample before purchase.FWIW, I checked this place out an hour or so ago....
Re: .45acp Federal HST - short barrel performance
by CTSixshot | Today at 03:14:56 PM
Good deal. At least one other grabbed some of the .400's, but we didn't do any expansion tests.Even though I didn't use ballistic gel, I found the Berry's 185g Hybrid HP to work fairly well, too. I only did one .45 ACP shot through two water-filled plastic jugs (gallon plus sized)....
Re: New Year's FORUM RAFFLE - CZ P07 package
by sludwinjr | Today at 02:50:02 PM
So we really have to good????                actually I donated 60 toys to toys for tots usmc drive... and dont own a cz yet  ;D
Re: Stag Arms other
by sludwinjr | Today at 02:28:44 PM
While I would tend to agree with you,  I'm not exactly sure how putting a miniscule amount of JB Weld in the overdrilled 3/32" hole in the pin would ever even remotely put the safety of anything or anyone at risk.  Quite literally the only force imparted on the filled in area is that of the detent spring pushing the detent.  One might argue that the hole being over drilled may have weakened the structural integrity of the pin, thereby posing an even greater safety risk to the user or those around than that of it being filled in with an epoxy.I very much respect your opinion, but in my particular case I feel the use to be a non-issue. That said, I second the motion that anyone else who may encounter a similar situation buy a brand new undrilled pin.i thought you mea...
Re: possible gun buy-back today in two towns ????????
by BigBob | Today at 01:38:18 PM
Ive seen online discussion about assembly of home made guns with hardware store pieces achieving a 'buy back'.Would be interesting if one assembled from said pieces with a 2x4 wood 'stock' all left in base colors, then assemble another all painted black with some grips & assaulty 'accessories'.Which one gets the biggie gift card and makes it to the nightly newscast?  ...
Re: NY Nunchaku ban overturned by court
by Bob Loewenhagen | Today at 11:24:04 AM
A NYC based state assembly member, Kevin Parker, is trying to get a state bill passed requiring all pistol permit applicants to submit their social media passwords as well as Google, Yahoo, and Bing searches for inspection by the state. Its like China where they are now giving social scores to their subjects and denying privileges to those with unacceptable scores....
Delete thread
by imahangtia | Yesterday at 02:08:49 PM
Delete this thread....
by imahangtia | Yesterday at 08:39:38 AM
i can see a forward vertical grip on a fleshlight.......but it may have be 9 3/4" OAL
Re: How a Botched Study Fooled the World About the U.S. Share of Mass Shootings
by BerettaBoy213 | December 14, 2018, 09:28:45 PM
Which if people sctually looked at the numbers, they would've seen this. Instead they just sat there repeating what was told to them. We told them this, yet they all kept their blinders on and preach what's been told to them to believe. Telling US to do our homework and look it up. Love that widely used response by the left (as if they are superior to everyone else) and their 3rd grade no thought thinking grammar school chants n responses, when in fact they who never looked anything up. Just like a computer - fed bad information to program, bad information will be the response. It's called NPC.Plus seeing NPR said this the other day too, I wonder who or how many got fired there.I'm sure they were able to expiate their sins by saying enough Hail Meullers afterwards. :eye...
Re: Micro Roni Stabalizer
by BerettaBoy213 | December 14, 2018, 05:04:56 PM
Interesting, any pics? Maybe ask if it’s only for prebansit is, but pre-ban glocks don't have the accessory rail under the dust cover to mount them. catch-22....
Re: Jerry Miculek indoors
by BerettaBoy213 | December 14, 2018, 05:00:53 PM
No place around here I've been has the "turn on return" feature. I'd guess it's so it produces less drag and less likely for the target to blow off the hanger and you lose the target (happens semi-regularly where I go, especially if the hanger clips are shot up and weakened)....
Underwood GIRLY-MAN +P+
by imahangtia | December 14, 2018, 04:37:10 PM
Check out the expansion with a twist a little past the 6 minute mark
Re: 1,000 pages of documents reveal Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza's dark descent...
by imahangtia | December 14, 2018, 08:24:07 AM
I wonder what Tong is up to today.  :eeek:Sucking off Ned Lamont while Murphy is pounding Tong in the ass....

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