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Re: Arkansas Dept. of Health: You Can Have Medical Marijuana Card or a Gun, Not Both
by imahangtia | Today at 04:31:51 PM
Almost right, transporting pot it is the same as transporting LSD, heroin, etc under the Federal Law.It is not just Obama. Our lawmakers from both the Democrats and Republicans have been disrespecting the law and the Constitution for a very long time.I should have clarified that it is federal law as far as this state (and others).  Depending on state it could be both a state and federal crime.Yep... both parties have been at fault.  Hoes and blow etc is not just a dem thing....
Police on the lookout for trio who stole guns from Gales Ferry
by IamJohninCT | Today at 04:25:40 PM on the lookout for trio who stole guns from Gales FerryPosted 12:26 PM, July 21, 2017, by Jim McKeever, Updated at 01:03PM, July 21, 2017 LEDYARD — Police are investigating a home invasion and robbery that took place in Gales Ferry on Thursday night.Police said the incident happened at around 10:45 p.m. at a home on Smith Pond Way in Gales Ferry.Police said  two black men entered the house armed with at least one gun, and forced the victim to the floor, holding him at gunpoint. One man went into a bedroom and took 15 handguns, electronic devices, and the victim’s phone. The victim’s truck was also taken and was recovered nearby in Gales Ferry. The victim reported hearing a woman...
Re: UPDATE to the whole preban thing
by Mustang | Today at 04:12:00 PM
An "AW action" is that type of action defined by PA13-3. Not all actions meet this definition and are therefore described by me as "non-AW actions"Understand ? If not maybe others can chime in...did the best I could.Went through 13-3 they did not even mention "assault weapon action". Not even this description was in there.(3) "Action of the weapon" means the part of the firearm that loads, fires and ejects a cartridge, which part includes, but is not limited to, the upper and lower receiver, charging handle, forward assist, magazine release and shell deflector; ...
Re: Flying with Handgun
by SEABASS18 | Today at 04:01:51 PM
It is not true that UPS or FedEx won't ship handguns unless the shipper OR recipient is an FFL holder. That answer might come from some employee working the counter and even a manager but it is nowhere in their terms and conditions.Use USPS on line to ship the package and drop it in a UPS drop box or drop it off at a UPS store.Or bring it to me. I'll ship it to you wherever you are going.It's on their corporate website...UPS accepts packages containing firearms (as defined by Title 18, Chapter 44, and Title 26, Chapter 53 of the United States Code) for transportation only (a) between licensed importers, licensed manufacturers, licensed dealers, and licensed collectors (as defined in Title 18, Chapter 44 of the United States Code), and government agencies and (b) where not ot...
Granby Bow & Gun Club - No more .50 Cal or 338 LM
by sbhaven | Today at 03:45:23 PM
Saw this posted to ARFCOM HTF figure it should go here just in case people are not reading that site. Bow & Gun Club added 2 new photos.5 hrs ·Effective Immediately .50cal and .338L are PROHIBITED on the rifle range. 300wm is the largest caliber allowed on the rifle range and I'd appreciate it if you'd only shoot steel from 425 and out w/ a 300wm. In addition no calibers that exceed 3150fps are allowed on the range as well.We've been getting complaints from the neighbors about noise and large cal rifles. In addition, I found 4 steel targets knocked off their hooks between 277 and 1015 (including the 1015y IPSC target which a member admitted to hitting w/ a .338L.) I found the steel target in the pictur...
Re: 2017 Fantasy Football League
by whatdoin | Today at 03:15:08 PM
I'm in. Sent in $$...
Re: Whats new in the world of micro .380 pistols??
by CTSixshot | Today at 01:10:40 PM
And I thought 300 BLK looked stubby. What's the parent case? I assume the bullet is .50 BMG.Probably because its a hammer gun. Harder-hitting + restrike.The case is merely a .50 AE with a  ~700 gr .50 caliber bullet (a conversation piece).Perhaps the LCP has its merits, at least in that regard.Anyone that desires to run some tests on different bullet styles in your .380, come on down with your milk jugs or whatever test medium that you have.  I still have some of the 90g GDHP, LRN and maybe a few of the 130g (my alloy) LTCs. jugs would probably be better, but you get the idea....
Re: Leave-a-gun while away?
by CTSixshot | Today at 10:24:03 AM
Bring them to my house, especially if you have a Ljungman, m94, MAS 49/56 or even an Enfield No.1 or Ishapore 2A1....
Only the Brave - Movie
by sbhaven | Today at 09:35:29 AM
Re: Should I send this Letter to the Editor
by JBear | Today at 06:00:01 AM
That... that was awesome. ...
Re: Stamford police: Complaint leads to discovery of assault weapons
by IamJohninCT | Today at 05:19:54 AM
You can own such knives, just not carry them in public. That's the idea. CT actually has some very good, "liberal," knife laws compared to most states. You can own basically anything and carriage is only restricted to the above list. IANAL but that is AFAIK.I agree - CT is pretty easy on knife laws.  You can carry a knife open or concealed, keep the blade sharpened length under 4" (I think it is 1.5" for an automatic), can use a longer knife hunting & fishing.  But it is legal to own just about anything.  Yes, your normal kitchen knife, bread knife, etc. cannot be brought to the next picnic.    ...
Re: Jae-100 m1a and or rem700sa stock?
by THE MADNESS | Yesterday at 10:15:28 PM
Re: House passes spending bill that includes selling milsurp 1911s through CMP
by richief | Yesterday at 05:01:21 PM
Department of civilian marksmanship. Back when you could join your States Militia (before militia became a derogatory term) shoot HP, military type, rifles for score, and draw Lake City Match ammo, gratis, in your name every month to do it. "A well regulated militia" what a concept!...
Re: I just joined AARP
by WoodBurner | Yesterday at 04:42:28 PM
Last I heard they lowered the age to 50. 45? Really?...
Re: Bridgeport drive by shooting..........
by JP90Talon | Yesterday at 04:34:02 PM
Its news articles like this that I really wish had comment sections...
Re: 90g GDHP
by CTSixshot | July 19, 2017, 05:34:01 PM
FWIW, the 9x19mm with the 90g GDHP do a number on watermelon. Book data lists about 1408 fps with 6.4g CFE Pistol in a 4" tube (that's what I'm loading).While I have a few boxes remaining, both in 9x19mm and 9x17mm, grab them while you come shoot. Special discounted price through Saturday 22 July; no lay-aways, cash pick up only.Speer Gold Dots (.380 ACP) sell for $21.49 in Southington, plus tax....
Re: Your family or your guns, slave!
by Trump | July 19, 2017, 04:22:25 PM
The question boils down to this:Is an adoption a government benefit.If so, then they cannot demand such thingsIf not, they can (under current law anyways)I would lean that an adoption is not a government benefit..but I could be wrong....
Re: Pachaug Outdoor Club plates
by CTSixshot | July 19, 2017, 08:59:07 AM
Today at 7:26 AM:This Sundays plate shoot will be a one on one competition, 11 targets for each shooter.  Extended forecast  for Sunday, a good chance of rain and/or thunder storms starting at 11:00 AM.  Rich...
by Glock84 | July 19, 2017, 07:08:21 AM
Blue Mountain sportsman center in Cortlandt Manor (Westchester Cty) NY has 100 & 200 yard ranges....
Re: New Triumph Bonneville
by IamJohninCT | July 19, 2017, 05:04:11 AM
Many (many) years ago I had a Triumph Bonneville.  I like that the new ones are looking like the bikes of years ago.  ...

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