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Re: FM16 PDW in 300AAC/Blackout :D
by MadSmith | Today at 09:46:52 PM
;DNon-NFA, in .223/5.56, takes AR mags, and has a folding brace.
Re: Anyone familiar with Drop The Hammer Gun Shop in Goshen?
by Noodles_McGee | Today at 09:46:25 PM
Sorry to hear about Drop the Hammer. I've been there several times and they seemed like a good place. Ammo prices were better than anything local in Torrington.Same here. Always had quality ammo  (HST and Flight control buckshot),...
Re: CT Legal CZ Scorpion :D
by MadSmith | Today at 09:44:00 PM 8)...
Re: Making A Lower From Soda Cans
by polosatik | Today at 09:30:07 PM
Mesmerizing craftsmanship. Each time he would transfer his measurements with his caliper my heart would sink: oh I would frack it up royally if I had to do that.Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro...
Re: Larger caliber rimfire?
by Bottom Rung | Today at 08:29:32 PM
Good point on the reliability aspect of centerfire over rimfire.I have seen small pistol primers inserted into the base of a .22lr before, so I don't exactly agree with the popular thought that there is no room for the case wall and primer. I don't think .22lr would have ever been as popular if it had been converted over to centerfire primers due to the cost. The popularity of .22 has always been connected with its extremely low price.  For many years the cost of centerfire primers and .22lr was almost the same.Of course, the stuff written above is rather trivial when, as Berettaboy pointed out, the reliability of centerfire and the unreliability of rimfire is considered....
Re: Who's shooting today?
by CTSixshot | Today at 08:01:58 PM
Plenty decent for some rifle shooting today. Assorted plated and cast bullets launched in the K-31.  With some recently added optics, I can actually see something at 100 meters. Yippee! Still get a kick out of my .22LR sabots. Dang, they make clean holes in the paper!Repeat picture, but it is some of my results today. Still shooting a bit below my aim point (middle of face), but since these bullets are being lobbed downrange, it's close enough:
Some people tear down statues, and others .....
by polosatik | Today at 07:59:43 PM
Saga continues. Russians are damn fracking serious about Kalashnikov NOT stealing StG 44 design.
Re: Lyman 311410 versatility
by CTSixshot | Today at 07:44:15 PM
How many grains do those bullets weigh in at?Also is the 7.5 considered .308 diameter or is something different?The Lyman bullet is listed as a 130 grainer. Mine drop around .314" and may weigh slightly more depending on my alloy. Being plain-based, you don't generally push them as fast as a jacketed bullet, although in .30 Carbine, they show data to 1733 fps. Bullet is easily sized for 7.65 Argentine, 7.7 Jap, .303 British, 7.62x39/54R and for .309" for .30 calibers, 7.5 Swiss and French. 7.5x55mm can use most .308" jacketed bullets, but Swiss rifle throats may not accept all bullet profiles. ...
Re: New Glock 29 finished up & with the rest of the family
by Supes3 | Today at 07:01:25 PM
Wow that is an impressive family !Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk...
Re: Paul Harrell - "Cartridge Names and Designations, Revised"
by JBear | Today at 06:34:17 PM
Ho shit! Um... I was not aware of that when I made that comment, I was only referring to the fact that he generally seems to shoot down at targets on the ground. I feel sort of like a douche now, but I assure you this was a very unfortunate coincidence. ...
Re: 50 State Legal Suppressed Rifle.....
by SEABASS18 | Today at 03:29:32 PM
FIFY: 47 State Legal Suppressed Rifle \ { NJ, MA, CA } that was quick! ...
Re: Yay! Connecticut Is Third Worst "Financial Sinkhole" State
by BerettaBoy213 | Today at 02:54:34 PM
But, but, but Malloy said that CT is improving:“ The states in our sinkhole group are the same as last year; however, Illinois beat Connecticut for the infamous ranking of the second worst state, moving down from third to second worst. Below you can see what changed specifically within each of the Sinkhole States to worsen their financial conditions.”Politicians never lie, especially on the internet. So all this gloom and doom mongering must be false. :eyejack:...
Re: Pachaug Outdoor Club plates
by CTSixshot | Today at 12:10:59 PM
24 Sep 2017:  This Sundays plate shoot will be a one on one competition, each shooter will have 12 targets.  Weather forecast, clear in the low 80's.Rich...
Re: Who wants a CT Legal semi-auto .308/7.62x51 detachable mag firearm? :D
by LostCanuck | Today at 11:42:49 AM
Got it, thanks.  Of course, that's completely insane, but so are most other gun laws and regs, so it's consistent. ATF measures the OAL with the 'cheek rest' unfolded.  It doesn't matter if one fires it folded.  In the same way that a regular rifle with a folding stock, doesn't magically change its status from a class1 firearm into an evil unregistered NFA SBR if fired with the stock folded, even if the length with the stock folded is less than 26in. ...
Re: Mini 14 stainless ranch accuracy experience
by Will1776 | Today at 09:51:34 AM
Good Video, I was satisfied with the Mini's results after that first demo at 250 ... but glad I kept watching to see that grouping at 100.Definitely going to have consider this rifle for a future purchase!Although I'm picking up an AR today (out of state now), I know at some point in the future I'll pick up a stainless Mini. Only reason I got the AR is because I can use it as both my long range and carbine set up for now rather than buy the Mini and a long range bolt action.  ...
Re: Ruger Ranch Thirty
by Bottom Rung | Today at 09:48:17 AM
I could see adding one of these to the safe eventually. I like the threaded barrel and Mini 30 magazine acceptance. I also like the way it looks with a nice 2-7x33 mounted nice and low. Although, I can't stand Ruger's flimsy American stocks, but I could make an exception. ...
Re: Preban AR-15 Face to Face transfer question
by joelcramer | Yesterday at 01:19:36 PM
An I right in the concern that with the latest Judge comments that a "Colt Sporter Target" may be considered a "Named" AW of the original Ban? Meaning that at this point it could not be transferred as a standard preen AR-15.Thank you for the help. I hate the fact that there even needs to be this much question and concern about this.There has been no official guidance from the state on any of this. Every time I ask I get "Nothing yet keep doing whatever you are doing". But then again I only talk to the peons. At this point the buying and selling of banned by name is on a case by case basis. We never really know what is going to happen because the state will not tell us.So we really have no way to know....
Re: Preban update from SLFU
by The Inspector | Yesterday at 11:13:30 AM
So does this mean a Preban "Colt Sporter Target" is now considered on the Named list?...
Re: Revolver picture thread
by SebertJr | Yesterday at 10:33:04 AM
My only revolver.....for now  :wink:
Re: Semi-Auto Pistols Pictures thread. *SHOW IT OFF*
by SebertJr | Yesterday at 10:31:23 AM
Couple 45's

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Larger caliber rimfire? by Bottom Rung
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