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Re: AR15 vs M1A
by M1A_All_Day | Today at 09:43:54 PM
Couldn't resist, had the M1A standard out today at the range. SAI 4th gen scope mount, Nikon Buckmasters 3-9x40 scope, blowing up cinder blocks after paper got boring. 100 ZQI rounds emptied....
Re: Darn, that "girly-man" brass!
by sludwinjr | Today at 06:40:10 PM
flex seal....  your welcome...
Re: Who's shooting today?
by CTSixshot | Today at 03:03:36 PM
Yes, indeed.... turned out to be a perfect day for the range.Now, at least, I have something to do at the reloading bench this afternoon....
Re: Post-ban suppressor, will this work?
by PROFGOB | Today at 12:34:56 PM
Thanks Silverbear, that's the direction for me also.  ...
Re: Found a way to speed load Comgraf's AR's
by Sixshot6 | Today at 12:07:03 PM
Looking at the wording of the law.In regards to fixed mag rifles, can you have all features as long as it's limited to ten rounds and over 30in? Or does the flash suppressor and collapsible stock stipulations apply still?Well since the comgraf ars by not having the mag release tick both fixed mag and not being a duplicate due to lacking a mag release rendering it not a duplicate, the only thing to conform to is oal which even a 14.5 inch barrel model with collasping stock should make 30 oal nfa aside. Flash hider and coffee maker are gtg. ...
Re: Private range least temporarily
by SebertJr | Today at 10:14:27 AM
  The only thing I shoot from within the house, is my Winchester Air pellet ....the varmints don't stand a chance with that rifle, it's dialed in nicely. :evil:    I do shoot 22lr two steps out the back door on my patio, got a piece of 4" round steel swinging on a chain @ 50 yds along with splatter targets on some Oak logs, I suppose I could shoot other options there, but I prefer the less than 5minute walk down back for the higher caliber shooting!! ...
Re: MTM Ammo Cases - Lower Prices - See Comments
by cdarmssupply | Today at 07:14:13 AM
I have a couple left - $18 each for the mag can and small crate & $20 for the larger crate.Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk...
Memorial Day Weekend Blowout - Up To 20% Off
by cdarmssupply | Today at 07:05:49 AM contact me for local pickup Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk...
Re: Bow Hunting licesne!
by richief | Today at 02:42:13 AM
Gonna hunt private land with permission the land owner is free from liability because you are educated in safety and licensed. Gonna hunt government managed property, you need a license from the government. You have the option of buying some land in a different state and with residency you can hunt your own land with no license needed in many states. That's how it works on my farm here in KY. We still need a license to trap though....
Re: Pics of completed work!
by Gun guy | Yesterday at 10:34:29 PM
Glock 30 iwb...
Re: Walmart Watch
by CTSixshot | Yesterday at 08:47:11 PM
still trying to find perfecta .308 in stock at local wally's, haven't come home with anything yetMake the long ride up my way and you can sample all sorts of .308 loads.
Re: Bourbon drinkers here ?
by sludwinjr | Yesterday at 08:46:44 PM
I just bought 2 bottles of Bulleit and a bottle of Woodford reserve on a cruise. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to enjoy them Sent from my Pixel using TapatalkEnough with " I'm on a boat" " I'm on a boat"  ;D ;DWe need pics  ;D
Re: Sent pistol back to manufacturer for repair, it has to come back via FFL?
by IH8SPM | Yesterday at 06:16:20 PM
I sent a S&W 617 and they shipped the repaired revolver directly to my home.  Granted that was 20 years ago...Nothing has changed with S&W.Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk...
by sludwinjr | Yesterday at 03:11:07 PM
Beretta APX
by morph860 | Yesterday at 10:33:13 AM
Just got my hands on a few of these. $525 + tax. Shoot me a PM if you're interested....
Re: Five Pro-Second Amendment Moves McConnell and Ryan Could be Making
by imahangtia | Yesterday at 09:13:01 AM
Last year after Chris Murphy's foot stomping temper tantrum (filibuster) with Blumenthal I e-mailed every republican senator explaining that I'm in CT and asking them to help fight these tyrants.Maybe it is time to contact them again....
Is George Soros Taking Over The Gold Market?
by CTSixshot | Yesterday at 07:48:10 AM
Re: 80% pistols OK?
by sludwinjr | May 25, 2017, 11:54:17 PM
hit or miss... i have read both good and bad on them....... if you search enough, you can find complete glock frames for not much more...
Re: Ban state products
by BerettaBoy213 | May 25, 2017, 11:40:15 PM
That's a good point. When is SCOTUS expected to hear the case?No word yet, but probably not this year from what I hear....
Re: Best Place fot Tactical Handgun Training
by Joe | May 25, 2017, 09:32:24 PM
I did the king33 class this weekend and thought it was great. Low light,weapon lights,slingwork,transitions, Fun stuff....

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AR15 vs M1A by M1A_All_Day
[Today at 09:43:54 PM]

Darn, that "girly-man" brass! by Steevo
[Today at 06:40:10 PM]

Who's shooting today? by CTSixshot
[Today at 03:03:36 PM]

Post-ban suppressor, will this work? by PROFGOB
[Today at 12:34:56 PM]

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[Today at 12:07:03 PM]

Private range least temporarily by SebertJr
[Today at 10:14:27 AM]

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