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Re: Who wants a CT Legal semi-auto .308/7.62x51 detachable mag firearm? :D
by LostCanuck | Today at 11:06:15 AM
I'm surprised that barrel plus receiver equals 26".  Or can it not be fired with the "stock'' folded?...
Re: Pre ban status update
by jettech1599 | Today at 10:45:35 AM
I read the article. I guess that would be a non starter. But not sure what context it was posted under. I never got the opinion that she believed in those theories? Maybe if she had the chance to address the issue publicly. And move on?Oh well it's hard to find anyone who doesn't have some defect.What about ganim? Sent from my SM-G955U using TapatalkSo Bob new news?  Anything mentioned at the CCDL meeting? I am thinking the whole thing was a scam.Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk...
Re: Local Stipple Jobs
by safeaction | Today at 10:31:32 AM
Cmon you make it seem as though their work is not comprable to other people who do really nice work Battlewerx used to do nice stippling and cuts, but they no longer do frame work.The guy doing it now at greysons is pretty good from what ive seen. His name is joe cruz. Hes there on saturdays for sure and real easy to talk to. you want to go cheap and just do the side profile of the gun i beleive that the shop in stamford is doing laser cut patterns.They are going to come out the most precise IMO but will not be a 360° stipple. The price is right though.. i think it was less than 100$Well since you called me out about my comments, let me clear the air.First off in full disclosure I can't stand stippled Glocks, when the 4th gens came out.....
Re: Preban update from SLFU
by firepolock | Today at 06:20:12 AM
Sucks for those assholes with those named firearms that have been holding out for that $900 Colt lower.  :banana:My positive spin on the matter. But great for us assholes that have non named stuff. Non named stuff should go up in price. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk...
Re: Contact state about permit status?
by sbhaven | Today at 06:08:10 AM
The reason I ask is because I've seen multiple people on this forum post the dates their applications were received by the State.  I presume they have made contact with the State to find out those details?  Who would you call?Yes people have contacted certain state agencies to find out when those agencies have received things like the background check. There is a timeline that is spelled out in the statutes. See for more information on that timeline and possibly who to contact. state statues (see the links below) indicate the local issuing authority has eight weeks to issue or deny the permit. But the fact is many local issuing authorities take way longer than eight weeks to issu...
Re: Worst Cities to Live in Every State
by JBear | Yesterday at 07:39:50 PM
It's easy to know in CT, just look at which cities the Governor is giving money, and which one's he's taking it from in order to do so. ...
Re: For all around use, 1x or 3x?
by undecided | Yesterday at 06:00:33 PM
p.s. Got a good price on Burris AR332 and I am going to try it out.... I also got some irons just in case....
Re: Looking for a little help on value
by joelcramer | Yesterday at 04:42:30 PM
I bought my usp40 for 400 in a store.  That's about what they go for used.  The .45's always sell for more. As for warranty, don't believe the  hype.  Ive sent guns back to Hk and they've been great.  They didn't even charge me to swap out variants when I supplied the parts.  Turn around was fast too. i would say you are lucky. I have never had a good experience with HK....
Re: Hornady data (.380/9mm)?
by CTSixshot | September 17, 2017, 09:42:09 PM
Thanks very much.  Looks like a newer manual is in order for me....
Re: Any swap meets scheduled for the Fall?
by joelcramer | September 17, 2017, 09:08:50 PM
Glad to hear it went well. Warren works hard on these. They are a lot more work both time and labor than you might think....
Re: CT towns/cities that prohibit target practicing on private land
by M1A_All_Day | September 17, 2017, 08:40:13 PM
Nice little family you got there.Thanks- just pick-of-day from the safe.Brand new Colt AR15A4 upper with KAC M5 RAS and Trijicon on a Colt lower half (basically a M16A4 without select fire), Mossberg 500TR, and my trusty G19....
working on new stipple pattern
by sludwinjr | September 17, 2017, 07:58:04 PM
so I have always like my STI 1911's and they came with the tree bark style checkering on their front straps. I always wanted to buy a a bowie tactical glock with their grip reduction. Decided since I had a spare glock 29/30 frame....what the hell.....  sanded the finger grooves 75% of the way off, sanded the backstrap down and the raised panels on the sides down. smoothed it out with various grits of sandpaper. tried the way bowie tactical uses but was not grippy enough and felt slippery. so sanded it smooth and ground down 1 of the angled tips and stippled the grip. It came out decent, love the way it feels and has a good bite to it, but no more than the normal tiny dot stipple. Smoothed out the rough edges with 600 grit an tested it out. feels pretty good, good grip without hur...
Re: 9/15/17 - LEO trade-in Glock 42s
by imahangtia | September 17, 2017, 07:43:16 PM
This reminds me of the thread about SFLU no longer transferring prebans....
Re: After school shooting, sheriff gives Second Amendment defense
by JBear | September 17, 2017, 07:09:32 AM
He'd have to get a lot more mainstream attention before that happens. ...
Re: Night Sight Comparison
by RR917 | September 16, 2017, 11:22:33 PM
Anyone aware of a non-night sight version of the Trijicon HD?I think i have a set of those... the rear is all black, serrated and U notch. The front is orange, but not luminescent... i think it does have a tritium dot though.Last i looked trijicon did not list them on their website so they may be a discontinued model.It will be a while before i can check....
Re: There's still time.....
by imahangtia | September 16, 2017, 06:45:39 PM
Don't worry all is good at Yale Yale University has kicked off the new school year by officially scrapping the terms “freshman” and “upperclassman” and replacing them with the gender-neutral terms “first year” and “upper-level students."I don't even know what to say about this.  Oh wait, I do.  FVCK yale!!!!  God damn commies!...
Grey Guns Precision Adjustable Straight Trigger
by mu2bdriver | September 16, 2017, 05:55:25 PM
For P220. Anyone install one and have experience with it?  Likes/dislikes?Thanks in advance. ...
Re: rear sight pusher
by SebertJr | September 16, 2017, 02:23:44 PM
....second from left looks like Trijicon HD XR's.Yep...
Re: what are you drinking???
by JBear | September 16, 2017, 12:31:55 PM
I was sipping on some fine Bourbon !!!  :beer:I freaking love their rye...
Re: What has Trump done so far #1
by JBear | September 16, 2017, 12:27:22 PM
We also now have the hottest First Lady....  EVER! I see what you did thar...

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