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*READ FIRST* Classifieds rules - U/D 2/8/2014

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Sellers -- Be 100% sure that you want to sell the item and are satisfied with the selling price. If you back out of a deal AFTER you've agreed to sell it to a particular buyer, your account WILL BE LOCKED!

-- Be 100% sure that you can financially afford to purchase an item before offering to do so. If you back out of a deal AFTER you've agreed to buy from a particular seller, your account WILL BE LOCKED!

Rules are as follows :

1. Only Items IN CT are allowed for sale and posting on this Forum. (Out of state is OK : 2/8/2014)

2. All items MUST be priced!

3. You MUST have your profile fully filled out with contact info before you can sell on this forum.

4. You MUST have both your IM and e-mail turned on to sell on this forum.

5. No auctions (or links to auction sites). Accepting higher than stated prices for an item is considered 'taking bids' and is not allowed. If receiving a higher than advertised price is important to you, list your item on an auction site. Moreover, "Or Best Offer" is understood to mean best offer up to the listing price, not best offer above the listing price.

6. No links to other commercial sites or commercial sales allowed unless approved by the administrator of CTGUNTALK.COM.

7. No changing of prices allowed AFTER someone says "I'll Take it". Stay honorable and price accordingly.

8. Absolutely no stomping on other peoples' posts! Do not remark in any way that would negatively impact the sale of someone or offer your item up for sale on another person's for Sale Post.

9. Only 2 (two) threads allowed on the first page per seller. Meaning you may NOT bump or start a new for sale thread if it means having more than 2 items listed on the first page of the classifieds section. (If another member bumps your thread with a VALID question it's ok, but that should be kept to PMs anyways).

10. Only one bump per day per thread allowed.

11. And finally. The original Post CAN NOT be edited or changed, other than marking it *SOLD* or *SPF*.

ADDENDUM : -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

One thing I want to make clear is that stomping on someone's ad in here will not be tolerated.  This means posting links to other sites with the same product for less money.  Stories about how you know where to buy the item cheaper.  Questioning of the Price.  Etc.  Etc.

If you do not plan on buying the item, there is really no reason to be posting in someone's thread in this section.  If someone wants to list their item for 10x the MSRP than so be it.  If someone buys that item, so be it.  It is the buyers responsibility to do their own due diligence before making a purchase.  And the seller can ask whatever he wants for an item.  Let the free market system work it out.

If you think an item is priced too high, move on.  Don't buy it and don't comment on it.  If you want to negotiate with the seller, take it to IM. 

Thank you.

Last Edit: February 08, 2014, 04:26:38 PM by MrNuke
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