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Author Topic: Blumenthal other Dems warning to Supreme Court: ‘Heal’ or face restructuring  (Read 376 times)

Offline Supes3

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I doubt there will be a civil war.  I was around in the 60's.  I think that was more worrying.

I wasn't around back then but that's what I hear from people that were.  It was much worse.  People around here were afraid to go to the bathrooms by themselves in school in fear of being jumped because of the color of their skin.  That sounds much worse than present day.

I hope we're not heading to a civil war because no one really wants that.  That being said there are going to be some major challenges to our current form of government in the future, and this post is an example of what we'll see.  Just not sure if it will escalate to an actually bloody conflict.
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