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Author Topic: Alright which one of you "collectors" have been stashing yer stuff in LA?  (Read 314 times)

Online M1A_All_Day

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...So I've read several articles about this, what was the guy charged with? Exceeding maximum number of firearms?

Offline 86camaro

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I saw it  mentioned it was for illegal transfers.

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Online MrNuke

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Yeah, people on facebook seemed to forget to read the article instead of just posting stupid comments about the headline and picture.
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Online Mustang

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Sounds like someone was "swated". ……."The search was a joint LAPD and ATF operation investigating a tip-off that someone was selling and manufacturing illegal firearms." All those firearms are in very good condition and rightfully so a collector. To be thrown like that into piles without wanting to show them, like we normally see, shows they want to push how "dangerous" or "crazy" this collector is.
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Online WoodBurner

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I think it is safe to assume that if you possess 1,000 firearms in Kommiefornia it is highly likely you have broken at least several laws.
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