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Author Topic: Lamont's budget; $1 billion in new taxes, $1 billion in tolls  (Read 1983 times)

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Re: Lamont's budget; $1 billion in new taxes, $1 billion in tolls
« Reply #44 on: April 22, 2019, 10:03:44 PM »
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I know the area pretty well, I lived in the metro area two years, before i bought in The mountains. To enjoy the antithesis of Ct, which KY is, do not move to Democrat controlled Lex, Frankfort or the Ville. I will give you a great tip, that is if you want to enjoy the convenience of what Lex offers and you enjoy shooting sports. Buy in or around Wilmore. Join Bluegrass sportman’s club, shoot competitions every weekend @ a great facility, and you can thank me when your done pinching yourself every morning that you wake up and you realize there still is some Merica left. Err right. Now, still very convenient to Lex is Danville, a great place to Live and prob won’t need to visit Lex much because it has a base of everything you could need. Wilmore is mostly farm, and that is what i wanted, i am more of a recluse than these areas offered though. There are great towns all around there, Perryville (my town song), Harrodsburg, Junction City, Lancaster, if you want a farm. If you are guy who lives to be at the shooting range buy in wilmore, if you want metro Lex Convenience without stomach turning Dem policies, and just a beutifull place to live, similiar to the suburban CT living that your used to, Danville is the spot my man. That in mind, and fishing/water is a must have for you, buy around lake Herrington.
 I just gave you a perspective that should save you a couple yrs of renting before buying. You and your wife can take me and my Wife out, for a Steak when you get settled.

Very much appreciated.