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Re: METACON members? Let's shoot, I'm there 3/28 at 1pm
by Sardo_67 | Today at 02:38:48 AM
Ended up playing with the 380 Mac buzz gun, 22lr conversion and some H&K stuff.  1972 import dealer same H&K MP5SD with the safe/semi/3rd/full trigger pack.  The ding on the steel at 100yds was just as loud as the gun at the shooters ear.  ...
Marlin Centennial Model 336.
by a_sannine | Yesterday at 11:32:28 PM
Hey guys what's the book value on a Marlin Centennial  Model 336. in real nice shape ?30-30 Winchester .Thanks ...
Re: Unregistered mags
by toker | Yesterday at 11:06:10 PM
Out of curiosity, if one were to get pulled over, and someone happened to leave the magazines visible, how would the police officer even check to see if it was registered? Seems like a long stop...- My guess is that it's logged in their system somewhere along with your gun "registry". As inaccurate as that is....
Re: How Quiet Is Our .223/5.56x45 Suppressor?
by raze | Yesterday at 10:19:00 PM
So I swung into their the other day to look around cause I was in the area and MadSmith showed me some of the suppressors and test fired them for new. Needless to say I was very impressed with the noise reduction and the over all design of them. I will be back there in a few weeks to pick up a .22 mouse can. Good job mad...
MSNBC: Everytown Now Relegated To Keeping Count Of NRA Victories
by sbhaven | Yesterday at 09:32:04 PM
MSNBC: Everytown Now Relegated To Keeping Count Of NRA Victories March 27 MSNBC reported the number of states considering Campus Carry has grown so great that Everytown for Gun Safety has made “March Madness”-like brackets to keep up with what the NRA is accomplishing across the country.Everytown labeled the brackets “NRA Madness” and is inviting interested persons to sign up and fill out the brackets with an X in the appropriate blanks as Campus Carry either passes or fails from state-to-state.According to MSNBC, for everyone who signs up for “NRA Madness” Everytown will “send a postcard to the governors or state leaders in the targeted states, urging them to ...
Re: Mothers Mag
by morph860 | Yesterday at 09:22:13 PM
I used Mothers to polish an old revolver to a mirror finish. Came out great. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk...
Re: Turn: Washington's Spies
by Freiheit417 | Yesterday at 09:12:50 PM
Yes. Have seen the entire first season. Its good, provided you understand that its not historically accurate in parts.I second that....
Re: High-Tax Connecticut Plans to Mug Its Residents Even Harder
by ctsheepdog | Yesterday at 08:53:37 PM
As if on que regarding my comment about soaking SW Fairfield County, Looney introduces a bill that tries to conceal nothing in its "milk the rich" view. If I were the folks that own the high-end dealerships in Greenwich, I would be calling a lobbying firm forthwith. proposed law pending in the General Assembly would raise car taxes in Greenwich by a factor of nearly three.The proposal would set a uniform rate for car taxes and make fundamental changes in how those taxes are distributed among towns and cities. In Greenwich, car owners are charged $10.9 per $1,000 of assessed valuation, so a vehicle assessed at $30,000 would yield a tax bill of roughly $300.The legislation, propo...
Caracal recall again F model
by Anthon94 | Yesterday at 08:12:19 PM
Looks like Caracal is recalling the F model again. They have a recall on the C model for improper heat treatment on the slides. The F was just added. For information call 205-655-7050...
Re: CT Competitve Shooting
by CTSixshot | Yesterday at 07:43:36 PM
I posted the link somewhere in this forum, I believe.,37957.0.htmlYou may need a microscope to read it......
Cabelas has Hunter holsters on sale
by Anthon94 | Yesterday at 07:34:06 PM
Cabelas has Hunter holsters on sale. Link below ...
Re: What is the best way to ship a rifle ?
by Broadhead | Yesterday at 03:09:09 PM
The long way.  If you try to do it sideways it will get stuck and hurt....oh you said ship.......
Re: truth or bs?
by boatdoc | Yesterday at 11:29:55 AM
I  Know SB--I know  but I am licensed here--have been for years--that is part of my job--I am too old to pick up and start my job elsewhere--it would take until I wa s  almost 70 to build my business  elsewhere( I am 56 now).  So I just have to hope Maloon doe s  nOT ban all semi auto weapons any more than he has--doe s  not require serial #s on ammo--doe s  not limit ammo purchases.....he swore he would do whatever he could to hurt us--and he has--very sad indeedagain thanks for your knowledge and time to post to me.lets hope we still get to shoot all types of guns as time goes on--I have NOTHING against revolvers--I just prefer semi autos  that is all--and of course I value my freedoms(what I have left that is)peace...
Re: Multi-License Firearm Courses (CT-MA-UT-FL-ME-NH) at Hartford Gun Club
by Padre | Yesterday at 11:09:08 AM
There are at least 3 of us that would like to take a Saturday course....
Re: FBI figures tweaked to show phony increase in mass shootings, report says
by Dr. Prepper | March 27, 2015, 10:22:45 PM
When the numbers don't add up, either falsify the numbers or redefine the input variables or lie about the results.  More than one way to skin the proverbial statist cat....
Re: Meriden R&G St. Judes Open House
by CTSixshot | March 27, 2015, 07:40:17 PM
Looks like it will be chilly, but the Meriden St Jude event is rain or shine.See you there, Lord willing!...
Re: Hey Reloaders
by CTSixshot | March 27, 2015, 07:29:55 PM
There are all sorts of recipes out there......I still find generic petroleum jelly to work just fine (just don't apply it too thick and form dents as it compresses the brass).If you're planning on reloading .30-30s that are fired from your rifle, you can probably just neck-size them (to provide proper bullet grip) and not even worry about lubing and getting cases stuck in your dies. This is especially the case if you're loading reduced cast bullet cowboy action loads....
The Hill: "Gun debate heats up in Senate budget battle"
by ctsheepdog | March 27, 2015, 04:50:08 PM
Some Republicans seem to be trying to do some good here. Whether the entire GOP caucus will go along is another story. Gun debate heats up in Senate budget battleGun rights groups are rallying their members behind a series of budget measures aimed at strengthening the Second Amendment and restricting gun control efforts.As the Senate debates the federal government’s 2016 budget, Republicans and gun advocates are pushing for a number of amendments that would expand concealed-carry laws and block the Obama administration from issuing what opponents call a “backdoor” ban on guns.“We expect more gun-related showdowns in the next 72 hours than in the next nine months combined,” the Gun Owners of America wrote in a message to supporters asking them to call their senators about these is...
Re: Now suicide is gun violence.
by ctsheepdog | March 27, 2015, 04:43:22 PM
Taking the suicide rate ranking and trying to pair it with Gun Ownership rates and ranks. The majority of the Gun Ownership data comes from Wikipedia with the exception of the three noted as WHO which come from the World Health Organization (2011). When you scroll through the list, not the positions of the high-ranking gun ownership countries relative to their suicide rankings. Not much of a correlation. Whodathunkit?       Country Suicide Rate Suicide Rank Data Year Gun Rate Gun Rank Greenland 83.0 1 2011 31.0 11 Lithuania 36.7 2 2013 0.7 160 South_Korea 28.5 3 2013 1.1 149 Guyana 26.4 4 2006 14.6 45 Kazakhstan 25.6 5 2008 1.3 142 Slovenia 21.8 6 2011 13.5 47 Japan 20.1 7 2014 0.6 164 Slovakia 9.9 8 2011 8.3 73 Hungary 21.1 9 2013 5.5 93 Latvia 20.8 10 ...
Re: Operation Choke-Point Is Worse Than We Thought
by ridenclimb | March 27, 2015, 03:54:29 PM
  So basically he did nothing wrong and is screwed until he can prove he is not doing anything "suspicious."Ah the little guy crushed under the wheels of bureaucratic government.  This is the road we are headed down.  Most of the country just puts on a blindfold and keeps walking.  Unfortunately once stuck in the web of bureaucracy it can be a difficult and painfully slow process to extricate oneself.  Hope he gets everything straightened out....

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