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Re: FM14
by Sixshot6 | Today at 03:30:44 PM
Which type?  The customer put a Sig brace on his .308.  Perfectly legal so long as he follows the 11th Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Get Caught.  lolFrankly, the Sig brace's got me itching to make a video of a fellow dual-weilding two of those things.  :evil:Or a regular folding bipod in addition to the forward grip. one and so that is what that unspoken rule about Sig braces is called now. Dual welding 308's, I like your style Madsmith. Shia LeBeouf says....
Re: Connecticut Vehicle Forums
by number_six | Today at 03:25:48 PM
More car show lists..."Yuuuge" Sikorski Airport carshow, all car makes, motorcycles, fleas market car show
Re: Loaded Weight of My Carry Pistols
by cobrajunkie | Today at 02:04:17 PM
Yup.  I've seen others ways.  You can rack from the rear sight on your holster or belt or even the heel of your shoe/boot while kneeling....
Re: outdoor ranges
by safeaction | Today at 01:39:31 PM
it has been decades since Blue Trail range was a good place to shoot. The place needs a lot of rehab. Does the bathroom still have the trough so popular in 1920? The price is so high because neglect led to big legal problems and some major improvements. All could have been avoided if the work had been done slowly over time when needed. As opposed to simply living with what they had.Sadly Joel this seem to be a common thread when it comes to ranges, weather indoor outdoor.~g...
Re: Ron's Guns Yard Sale
by MrNuke | Yesterday at 10:25:16 PM
Don't waste your times guys! ;D...
Re: CT Pensions Worse Off Than Last Thought
by edgephoto | Yesterday at 06:45:45 PM
The current system is broken. Many pensions are not funded properly and are poorly managed. The other concern is we have or are soon to cross the line of more retirees than are currently working. I am not saying wipe out everyone's existing pension. That would not be fair to those who are counting on that as part of their income and benefit package. What I am saying is we need a system that will work and is sustainable. We already have the Social Security system. Every working person should participate in that. Yes the employer pays 7.5% and the employee pays the other 7.5%. The money paid into current pensions comes from tax revenue which is where the 7.5% would come from. The employee would pay in just like the real world. Offer a 401k type account as well. Let the employee manage h...
Re: Benelli M1 Super 90
by sbhaven | Yesterday at 06:30:12 AM
Without a doubt I have seen lgs's selling 930spx w pistol grip and 8 round mag tube, sad laws so confusing makes felons outta the average joe.Yes it is sad the "common sense" laws these asshats have written can so easily make an average joe a felon. Its by design. Make the law so confusing and convoluted that anyone following the law would think twice before buying a gun, would be afraid to buy a gun. Not to mention make the process expensive on top of it all.To make things more confusing is you can have a preban that's perfectly legal and a firearm manufactured one day later be illegal. You can in certain rare instances have a firearm that passes the post 4/4/13 AWB feature ban but fails the pre 4/4/13 feature ban and not know it unless you read the 6/18/13 update to t...
Re: 7K
by newpermitee | Yesterday at 12:43:41 AM
Re: Concealed carry in New Haven?
by safeaction | August 24, 2016, 11:06:31 PM
Two words, carry on!~g...
Re: Bad ammo
by safeaction | August 24, 2016, 11:01:00 PM
Little update, looks like the ammo company took care of the shooter, and Sig shipped replacement parts overnight.... so the shooter was able to shoot in his next match.~g...
MOVED: Pre Ban Colt SP1 20" excellent org. condition $1900
by SafeActionJackson | August 24, 2016, 10:55:31 PM
This topic has been moved to Firearms / Receivers only..
Re: Should I Sell My Glock 23?
by safeaction | August 24, 2016, 10:54:39 PM
Dry firing is your friend!Hit me up next time you plan on hitting Wolfs.~g...
For Sale: Rock Island M1911-A1 CS TACT II 9MM
by morph860 | August 24, 2016, 05:29:24 PM
Brand new. $499 + tax....
Re: Cabela's asked to see permit to purchase???
by sludwinjr | August 24, 2016, 04:03:07 PM
my buddy worked  there..... they are supposed to ask to see your permit and license.... they enter your date of birth into system and check yes for permit. this way their ass is covered if something ever happened.......if i owned a shop last thing i would want is to have NOT checked ID and sold ammo to a non permit holder who shot somebody and my ass is on the line......  it sucks...... but i guess it could be a lot worse.......california??  maybe ?????  ...
Re: My NRA certificate might not be valid!
by ffederico | August 24, 2016, 11:35:57 AM
I went to that website and a live chat dialogue started...  I asked Michael  how long the class was and he responded 4 1/2 hours $125.  He explained the new format and the on-line part is $60 and takes 5 hours.  Then I baited him asking if a 50 round box of ammo would be enough.  His reply was we supply everything...I've heard some shady thing about this place......
Re: AutoMag is back...
by safeaction | August 24, 2016, 10:58:21 AM
While I find some of these firearms interesting, I've already got a couple of "novelty" firearms.I always loved these guys when I was working on the range, they'd come in as if they had never shot there and didn't know the rules/restrictions, then ask if they could shoot there .50 AE/.44 mag/460/500 S&W etc.....  :eyejack:  After a while you start to recognize them as regulars, and just say the restrictions that where in effect the last six times you came in are still valid  :soapbox:~g...
Re: LTC and Scrypt mining through the roof!!
by newpermitee | August 24, 2016, 10:38:57 AM
Hope you guys have your scrypt miners making u mucho deniro right now.  :beer:Wish I knew what the hell that was....
NRA Instructor Training
by Jorge_Calvo | August 24, 2016, 09:11:24 AM
If anyone is looking to add disciplines let me know..I am a Senior Counselor certified in ALL Disciplines..PistolRifleShotgunCRSOMuzzeloaderPersonal Protection in the HomePersonal Protection Outside the HomeEtc Etc.
Re: RSO Class?
by Jorge_Calvo | August 24, 2016, 09:07:09 AM
im having one on the 11th.. text me at 203-515-9679...
Even more choices...
by CTSixshot | August 24, 2016, 07:53:53 AM
Add Reloder 16 to the mix:

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Fab Defense Front/Rear Sight Set -

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