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Re: Greyson's New Range
by RR917 | Today at 11:19:11 AM
From what i over heard yesterday, just no steel shot.. i would check on slugs? But my assumption is the soft lead chunk would be fine....
Re: YEAH MAMA! The Ruger LCR .357 is a hand cannon.
by CTSixshot | Today at 10:36:13 AM
I don't have any particular recipe off the top of my head, but just look at the Alliant website for 2400 and 300-MP and Hodgdon's site for H110 and W296. works in .357 Magnum, 44 Magnum/Special, .41 Magnum, .45 Colt and several others. Whether your lever gun will cycle with .38 Specials in a .357 lever gun  or .44 Specials and .44 Russians in a .44 Magnum lever gun, I don't know. Bring it down and we can find out.
Re: Forms and information utilized by the Special Licensing and Firearms Unit
by edgephoto | Today at 10:00:13 AM
When my wife and I filed in Middletown at DESPP we were told "all lawful purposes" was not acceptable. We put something like "collecting and target shooting". I forget exactly. I bet it depends on where and who does your application....
Re: Kahr 380
by Flatulence | Today at 08:21:48 AM
Hillers has one in the range too. Its mine. It is a very good pocket carry gun, but not for people with larger than average hands. ...
Re: Transfer of pre-ban AR to me through CT FFL
by toker | Today at 08:21:16 AM
There's a lot of info on serial numbers in this thread.,23807.0.htmlIMO, it wouldn't hurt to get a letter from the manufacturer. It should be as easy as a call in most cases....
Re: Will be in CT!
by ketel1 | Today at 07:03:35 AM
I should be in.. Let me know when and where....
Re: I finally got my pistol permit.
by discounteggroll | Today at 05:05:47 AM
I own many glocks in 9 and 45, even one in 40.  This is your first handgun, make it special.  I saved and waited until I found a HK P7 PSP and snatched it.  You can always get a glock, but you only get one first gun....
Re: Considering a full size 1911 - things to look for?
by Blaster | Today at 12:42:24 AM
Look here to start: need to go beyond this one:
Re: another jojo's custom glock SAJ help.......
by RocknRoad | Yesterday at 06:55:08 PM
That's a beauty. You'll have to give us a range report when you take it out for some pew pew pew....
MOVED: YEAH MAMA! The Ruger LCR .357 is a hand cannon.
by MrNuke | Yesterday at 03:58:01 PM
This topic has been moved to Handguns and Pistols Discussion.
Re: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
by msg1956 | Yesterday at 01:44:45 PM
Maybe the updated Storm trooper armor in this movie may actually DEFLECT a blaster bolt!  It always seemed to me that the suit was not worth the bother, since in all the other movies, the Storm troopers fell like flies if someone even sneezed at them! :evil:...
Re: lancaster PA visit advice
by Cop_Out | Yesterday at 01:28:23 PM
On the way back to CT keep an eye out for a hand painted sign along the highway advertising coal mine tours. My wife and I stopped, and it was the best part of the whole Gettysburg /Amish trip we took a few years back. ...
Re: Has anyone heard of Alpha Dog? They're based out of Southbury
by Cop_Out | Yesterday at 01:22:45 PM
Alpha Dog transferee a can for me a few months back. The guy is squared away, and a gentleman to deal with. ...
Re: Pin shoot Branford GC, 12 April
by CTSixshot | Yesterday at 01:00:50 PM
From their e-mail... Shoot on 19 April 2015Hello Fellow Shooters!Sorry to say that this will be the final Sunday open shoot of the season. We would like to thank you all for your participation. We look forward to seeing you next season. We at the Branford Gun Club would like to invite you to our Sunday morning open shoot at 10:00 a.m. Just a $10.00 entry fee. We will be shooting steel plates.The first one to knock down all five white plates and hits the red stop plate wins and moves on to the next round!  So come on down and join us. This is a damn good adrenaline rush!! This is a hand gun only shoot.  P.S. For your safety we ask that you keep your ammo to a normal speed. Thank You.                           ...
Re: 22lr ammo offer to the highest A/W certificate number
by youngeyes | Yesterday at 12:03:02 PM
It seems that the 76000 range is starting to level off the numbers. That or this post needed a bump. Anyone able to top the dreadnaught's number? The weather is getting nicer :banana: and that brick of 22 will be nice to have.  :tat: ...
Re: Looking for fixed mag Ar15
by Sixshot6 | Yesterday at 08:04:58 AM
While its always good to have alternatives and options to getting around this state's (CT) stupid anti rights laws for many I'd venture to guess a bolt action AR, pump action AR or lever action AR will be more of a novelty than a rifle that will be a decent (and profitable) seller here to the masses. Sure a few will buy such rifles but I'd suspect for the average gun owner they'll buy a Mini-14, SKS, Ares SCR, preban or other semiautomatic rifle that is still (for now) currently legal to purchase or have transferred within this state rather than buy a fuggly non preban AR that is able to skirt the stupid unconstitutional law that attempted to ban them. The major turnoff to any AR platform rifle being sold here will be if they change the lower so you have to use a propri...
Re: Fishing license??
by JackRutherford | Yesterday at 07:35:12 AM
It's free if you're over me ...
Re: D-Bag body shop totals wifes work truck....derp
by Joe T | April 17, 2015, 11:04:09 PM
a couple years ago when we moved from Colorado to Connecticut, the relocation company hired a transport company (DAS)to move our daily drivers.  My SUV and My wife's Mercedes were loaded up together in Colorado, but mine arrived 7 days before hers (mine took 8 days door to door, hers was 15).  We were told that the transfer truck filled and her car was on the next transfer coming across country.When her car arrived, it looked like someone lived in it for a week with food wrappers, receipts and someone else's music (A spanish CD) was playing.  It had about 1000 more miles than when it left.Because there was "no damage," and the car used a local company to pick up in colorado was transferred to a yard where DAS picked up, and then delivered to a local yard ...
Tour of MKE factory
by obewan | April 17, 2015, 09:37:55 PM
MKE makes the ZQI ammo for Walmart
Re: Has anyone Registered weapons/Lcm's or applied for new permits.
by Leon82 | April 17, 2015, 06:58:19 PM
I got my temp permit 2 days ago.It took 4 weeks...

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