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Re: Two Darien Cops Charged Firearm Incident
by obewan | Today at 11:36:44 AM
If they are never off duty then they can never consume alcohol....
MOVED: Two Darien Cops Charged Firearm Incident
by SafeActionJackson | Today at 11:26:57 AM
This topic has been moved to LOCAL in CT News / Politics and Events..
Re: Waterfowl
by Noodles_McGee | Today at 11:20:43 AM
Just got back.    No birds but a great morning.Pissed off some beavers and got a great hike in.  Found a great squirrel spot....
Re: thoughts on buckets/lids for ammo storage
by Noodles_McGee | Today at 11:16:25 AM
No issues over how many years of ammo storage down there?  My basment is humid. What is square sushi ginger? I've had ammo in buckets going on 10 years    I got a little white residue on the bucket of loose 22lr. Just on the bullets.  Everything I left in boxes has been good.Square sushi ginger buckets.  Somehow I erased buckets.  They are square buckets our sushi guys get ginger in.  Stack nice, bit smaller than 5gal, but I like them because they sit flush against the wall....
Re: 10/22 build
by CJK440 | Today at 10:23:47 AM
What about triggers? I'm looking for a bang for the buck upgrade. Right now I just have a stock 70's vintage metal trigger group. I dont want to spend the money on a timney or voltquarten. Is the ruger bx trigger decent? I assume it's plastic. How would it compare to sending my metal assembly out for a trigger job? Are there any drop in parts kits available to improve my stock group that are worth the time and expense?Again. Just looking for a noticeable improvement for not much more than $50...
Why Was There a 12-Year Gap in the Gun Debate?
by ctsheepdog | Today at 10:22:27 AM
Think about CAGV being on its deathbed after failing to get the stand-alone mag capacity restrictions in 2011. Think about, as maccabre as it is, the boost that CAGV and gun-controller felt after the SHES massacre. Then consider this discussion which sees that date in December 2012 as the day the GC movement was hit with the paddles of life. Hat tip to InstaPundit for posting the excerpt below, full Reason post via the title.Why Was There a 12-Year Gap in the Gun Debate?What happened to gun control from 2000 to 2012? Funny you should ask...SPELUNKING IN THE MEMORY HOLE: Jesse Walker: Why Was There a 12-Year Gap in the Gun Debate? What happened to gun control from 2000 to 2012? Funny you should ask…When Hillary Clinton unveiled her plans for new gun controls yesterday, she sounded a nosta...
Ammo sale...TargetSports
by CTSixshot | Today at 10:12:57 AM
At least according to this e-mail...
Re: FFLs who accept transfers from individuals..
by Blade37db | Today at 10:06:55 AM
In my world this is a stupid policy. You want traffic through your business. Maybe you might make a little more doing the order as opposed to the transfer. But maybe the guy who is coming in for the transfer will also buy a holster, ammo, magazines, cleaning supplies or whatever. There is a lot better margins on those items than the gun anyway. It gets them in the door and they look to see what you have in the gun cases and on the rack. Then they might buy another gun while they are there or come back for it. A quick transfer brings new people into the business. It presents a chance to build a relationship with somebody you might never have met. It just seems silly. But that's ok. They can run their business anyway they want. It just leaves more transfers for me to do. That means more...
Re: Changing length of an SBR
by joelcramer | Today at 09:47:18 AM
You can sell registered AWs. If it is a pre ban that you registered, you can sell to anyone. If it is one of the post 1994 AWs, you can sell to LEO, military or out of state.Just to be clear. You can only sell an Assault weapon to a Police officer if he has a letter from the Chief of Police giving him permission to have it. This letter would need to be on Dept stationary. Even then I would not make the sale. If the Dept. wants him to have an assault weapon they can issue it. This does not apply to officers who need to supply their own firearms for the job. I don't think there are many of them if any left in CT.Do not reward the police officers for letting this law pass unchallenged. They should be made to live under the same rules as you and I....
Re: Feeling Patriotic? Watch this vid.
by MrNuke | Today at 09:05:59 AM
Dang Youtube messed up my audio to video sync. Bah....
Re: Local poll: Are you concerned about rising gun sales?
by newpermitee | Today at 08:22:49 AM
From the same page as the poll:
Re: buy preban ar15 or build one
by sbhaven | Today at 07:59:16 AM
You can't build an 80% AR-15 as a center fire rifle in Connecticut per SB. 1160Pre-Ban is the only way to go (for now, time may be running out federally)Yes you can build a centerfire rifle out of an 80% lower. If it is an 80% lower manufactured prior to 9/13/94 its good to go and can be built with all the evil features. If the 80% lower was manufactured post 9/13/94 then either; it  cannot be a "semiautomatic" rifle, which gets past the banned by name language and he feature ban. Or it cannot be a copy or duplicate of an "AR-15" that was in production prior to or on April 4, 2013, which gets around the banned by name ban but would still have to contend with the evil feature ban if it is a centerfire detachable magazine rifle. Or one can build a rimfire semiau...
Re: AR 15 pre ban paper work
by Steve | Today at 06:57:43 AM
I have a binder I carry with me that has a copy of my mag declaration letter, my AW certificates, DPS-3-C and manufacturer letters for my pre-bans, and my tax stamps. I think it's a smart thing to do. ...
Re: Residents of Oregon town don't want Obama there
by edgephoto | Yesterday at 09:50:52 PM
I would not shake Obama's hand nor would I let him in my house if he came to the door.He is a disgrace to the office of The President of the United States. He has divided this country by race, he has whipped up hatred of people in uniform, both police and military and he has all but given the Islamic state the territory and tools they need to grab territory. He has successfully buried his past and there are many questions surrounding him.Peacebithwithyou will be along soon with some Obama conspiracies. Read one that there are no records of the Obama children and Michelle did not exist until later in life but there was a Michael. The theory is Michelle is a tranny and the kids are adopted....
Re: Dear lawyers: Isn't paying for the right to carry a gun in CT a violation...
by joelcramer | Yesterday at 03:37:03 PM
Of course the government shouldn't assess a tax or fee on someone just so they can exercise their right. But we all know the courts will go out of their way ignore every other right including the "poll tax" issue to claim that it is perfectly legal and constitutional (because public safety) to assess a tax or fee in order to exercise one's 2A rights. The state assessed tax/fee IS an infringement since it hits the poorest among us the hardest. The barrier to legal firearm ownership in this state for someone who doesn't already have firearms is approximately $150 to $250 (or more) in state assessed fee's and the firearm course just so one can obtain the permit that allows them to buy a firearm.Freedom is not free. Sometimes you have to have a ton of money to get...
Re: East Haven police investigate after detective accidentally fires weapon
by safeaction | Yesterday at 09:36:29 AM
I am in no way making any excuses. This kind of negligent discharge is caused by stupidity and carelessness. But as I was reading this I was wondering if what they are calling “Cleaning the gun” is actually wiping it down, not what we would call a proper cleaning of a gun. Still extremely stupid. If she is a detective is she wearing the gun in such a way as to be in direct contact with her skin and she was wiping it off from after a day of wearing it. Still no excuse, it should be unloaded before doing even that.I think cleaning a gun is what people say almost every time we hear about a negligent discharge.  Why would you have an assembled and loaded weapon pointing out a window?  I don't buy it for a second, and seriously doubt the weapon was being cleaned, and who wipe...
Re: NBC: Hillary Clinton to Unveil Plan for Major New Gun Restrictions
by ctsheepdog | October 05, 2015, 10:57:00 PM
The real fear shouldn't be about Hillary's gun control plans IF she wins. The real fear should be about the who she nominates for SCOTUS in her term. Unfortunately, the next SCOTUS will most likely determine our gun rights for our LIFETIME.^^^ This is all that matters should anyone voter be in the fence. ...
Re: WTB: game meat
by joea132 | October 05, 2015, 08:05:12 PM
When I get home tomorrow morning I will try to remember to look in my freezer. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk...
Re: Mass Permit class at Bell City 9/12 @ around 11:30am.
by Acesneights1 | October 05, 2015, 07:19:12 PM
My cousin and myself need a Mass LTC class if anyone is offering toward the north east ct area....
How timely...25% off Berry's (Cabela's)
by CTSixshot | October 05, 2015, 11:22:30 AM

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