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Re: No Weapons (gun depicted) sign that came & went. Interesting!
by imahangtia | Today at 06:18:02 PM
Let's drop this subject before one of the Starbucks Appreciation Day idiots has another brainstorm....
Re: Malloy & Foley Set for First Televised Debate Tuesday Sept 30th
by slimjim2525 | Today at 06:06:57 PM
Just watched the whole debate.  I thought Foley did a decent job.  I was shocked the hear Malloy say people had the right to own firearms....
Re: Ebola Confirmed in Texas.
by Blaster | Today at 06:04:33 PM
Texans getting nervous. they can't shoot it they don'...
Re: So, does milling your own AR Receiver and putting it together run afoul of AWB?
by white95 | Today at 05:52:06 PM
Are there such a thing as preban 80% lowers? And who can prove its not a preban w/o a date or manufacturer on it? ...
Re: Record Journal Headlines Today
by Mustang | Today at 05:50:29 PM
Looks like I might be going now....
Re: Fantasy Football League
by Steve | Today at 04:54:11 PM
As the only one left undefeated, I couldn't be happier. lol...
Re: Armed contractor with criminal record was on elevator with Obama in Atlanta
by joelcramer | Today at 04:47:38 PM
I don't understand how somebody three convictions for assault and battery can have a gun? ...
Re: Sandy Hook Investigator Dies Suddenly At 49!
by imahangtia | Today at 04:21:58 PM
My Tupperware hat is very stealthy....
Re: bridgeport cop shot
by inmyshadow | Today at 04:18:01 PM
Ok, what about the guy the BPD arrested the month before the cop suffered a desk pop.Plus, what is this cop's job status?  Did he loose his ...
Re: Sandy Hook School Evacuated
by imahangtia | Today at 03:31:00 PM
The Sandy Hook Commission is a bunch of shit heads for many reasons.The douche bag shrink that runs the Institute of Living was yammering for months a...
Boy Scout Troop 3 (Waterbury) Spaghetti Supper Columbus Day
by Blaster | Today at 03:08:25 PM
For anyone interested in supporting Scouting. My son's Scout Troop is holding its annual fundraiser on Monday October 13. Boy Scout Troop 3 - Ann...
She Woke Up to Sound of Her ‘Stalker’ Kicking in Her Door.
by obewan | Today at 03:02:21 PM
Re: Trust
by supatrucka | Today at 02:33:39 PM
Thanks Mad ...
Re: dark earth cerakoted glock ( factory)
by newpermitee | Today at 01:17:54 PM
Anyone see a G3  34?...

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