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Re: Parents group upset with Newtown proposals
by Zindo_Doone | Today at 01:52:44 AM
That went down hill fast!!!  :wall:Zindo...
Re: NFA Form 1 SBR 80% lower in CT
by MGP | Today at 12:57:46 AM
- Was the Trust created before 4/4/13? If so, you may be able to contact the DESPP and see what they can do.Yes it was done in 2007 what can the DESPP do? Thanks Mike...
Re: State qualifies for electronic-toll, value-pricing pilot program
by ChrisK | Today at 12:02:23 AM
This idea was inevitable. But we will see how they use those $, lottery comment was spot on. Huge figures to be made if they will really tax/toll NYC-CT. Lets get some public oversight; what is there to fear, right? No reason to lose the slot to another state - feds are tired of dumping money on us. At least it will be all electronic. ...
Re: Gun store commercial on Fox 61 today 3/2/15
by Steve | Yesterday at 11:38:21 PM
Yep, I think it's for The Outpost. They've been running it for a month or more now. I thought it was discussed here previously. ...
Re: Kg99
by SteveO | Yesterday at 10:08:18 PM
Yes i am. I tried to direct message you but it won't work. Please send some pictures if you have them. 2035092724...
Re: New Suppressor, plus wait time, plus DIY Trust...
by Steve | Yesterday at 09:25:30 PM
Is the trust drafted by an attorney licensed to practice law in CT? What safeguards do you have if the trust was not drafted in accordance with state law and therefore invalid?...
Re: Inventory database app
by joea132 | Yesterday at 09:24:10 PM
I'm far more worried about somebody getting my info from the state than I am about them getting it from my files.Hard to argue that with you! Just playing Devils advocate. ...
Re: Rambo I - Original ending that was replaced with version we know.
by Padre | Yesterday at 08:14:52 PM
Once in while my friend! LOLOL...
Re: Norwalk gun shops?
by raze | Yesterday at 07:37:49 PM
Hillers or bobs are my go to. Try greyson guns in orange also...
Re: Anyone her plow with a quad?
by indawire | Yesterday at 06:35:27 PM
Our driveway is 150 paved yds long with a turnaround on top. For the past 10 years I've been using a sub compact 4wd. Case/IH DX24e with a 48" front mounted PTO powered snowblower. The blower throws the snow 35-40 feet with dry snow, none of them will blow that wet cement the plow trucks pile up alongside the road. That DX has been one of the best purchases I've made, no problems except regular maintance. QD front loader, mower deck, scraper blade, leaf vac and small miss. attachments. ...
Re: Out of State Permit Renewal Question
by TexZen454 | Yesterday at 05:08:49 PM
Also from TX...My last non-resident CT permit renewal application took exactly 9 business days from dropping it in the mail to it magically appearing in my mailbox. Be advised that I've always been old school relative to submitting documentation to goverment entities…The entire application was high-resolution scanned unto a thumb drive for my records and then it was sent via Registered/Certified mail that required a signature as receipt. Your mileage may vary. Sent from my SM-T320 using Tapatalk...
MOVED: Parents group upset with Newtown proposals
by sbhaven | Yesterday at 11:43:31 AM
This topic has been moved to LOCAL in CT News / Politics and Events..
Re: Not happy with my UTS15 (also how to fix the gouged slide issue)
by joea132 | Yesterday at 10:26:55 AM
Just got off the phone with UTAS. I was very pleased that the gentleman who answered the phone first knew exactly what I was talking about and what to do. They immediately punched me a return label for the shotgun to replace the action bar under warranty. The gentleman stated that they only see the action bar break with a vertical foregrip. That's what I have on mine but the new beefier one accommodates a vertical foregrip. He also said the tech will evaluate the gouged slide issue and change anything if it needs to be. He said my shotgun was a gen 2 and could be brought to current spec f...
Re: Heres one rifle to twist the heads of CT politicians and antis
by Sixshot6 | Yesterday at 09:58:10 AM
I forgot to add one other thing about Full auto. The definition in the UK is the same near enough as US Def. Its something like can discharge more than one missile (I kid you not, that word appears in UK firearms law). I only mention this as slidefire stocks for M&P 15-22 were briefly available sold by the UK arm of Midway (since had the license to use the name yanked and replaced by a UK version of brownells). It went for silly money and no one wanted to offend the range nazi's that inhabit most uk clubs and have to go to court, possibly to prove and explain what bump firing is. Make...
Re: ss109 bullets listed...
by joea132 | Yesterday at 08:38:38 AM
Good to know, thanks. ...

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