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Re: Is the Tide Turning? - Meanwhile, in MD, HRC can't fill the house
by ctsheepdog | Today at 07:29:08 AM
Really good article below, not of the type this post originally focused upon, but good nonetheless. Key points provided below, with particular focus o...
Hollis v. Holder - Lawsuit over 18 U.S.C. ยง 922(o)
by sbhaven | Today at 07:14:14 AM
Lawsuit filed over 922(o) and the ban on machine guns manufactured after 1986.Hollis v. Holder https://www.scribd.com/doc/245057730/Hollis-v-Holder-Co...
Today is the day for Visconti to Decide
by Who is John Galt? | Today at 06:55:54 AM
Today. For the most impact.  :banana: To put a spring in the step of Retirement Party members and supporters through the weekend and on to Electi...
Re: Moving Into State?
by sbhaven | Today at 06:30:57 AM
Ok, how about the exact opposite question? When I permanently leave CT as planned next summer, do I have to let CT know I am leaving with my gear? I k...
Re: preying mantis on my deck post rail
by TrapperXX | Today at 12:13:00 AM
Check out this ....On a home in Clinton...
Re: glock 19 re-grip step 1
by CTbuilder1 | Today at 12:07:38 AM
All the shavings that I sand or grind off I set aside to fill voids in other areas. You just melt the shavings and flow them right on. Then sand and f...
Re: Just got hit by the Rasmussen (sp?) poll
by BigBob | Yesterday at 10:53:26 PM
Got Quinnipiac'd the other night.I'm an unaffiliated independent non-tea partier who identifies more with Republicans and as a  conserv...
Re: Anybody carry .300blk locally?
by toker | Yesterday at 10:45:55 PM
Still had plenty this afternoon, several brands/weights 110/125/147/208/220gr.- Too bad Cabela's ammo prices are so high. I usually never buy amm...
Re: Advice on electrical connection to garage
by CTbuilder1 | Yesterday at 10:42:40 PM
I have been a building contractor/new home builder for over 30 years One thing I learned along time ago is all building inspectors are different and t...
Re: free: dan malloy halloween costume
by ctsheepdog | Yesterday at 10:39:54 PM
Sorry, not white enough for that white bread loser:http://www.dhresource.com/albu_591862176_00-1.0x0/inflatable-halloween-costume-pink-penis-costume.j...
Re: Some New Guns on The Rack
by MadSmith | Yesterday at 09:46:18 PM
CT Legal semi-automatic 22lr rifle.  Custom integrally suppressed SU-22  :Dhttps://scontent-b-ord.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xap1/t31.0-8/10648326...
Re: Visconti says he is in to the "bitter end"
by WoodBurner | Yesterday at 09:28:40 PM
I saw my 1st visconti lawn sign today. Obviously it was put out by a sick and twisted individual that has his head up his malloy....
Re: How often do you clean your cans?
by joea132 | Yesterday at 08:31:35 PM
I've been thinking about ultrasonic cleaning mine. It's got about 500 and starting to get dirty. ...
Re: CCRRC tonight 8:30pm (10/30)
by ctsheepdog | Yesterday at 05:36:31 PM
Can't tonight, date night with wife....

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