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Re: Better range for a new shooter
by 2BearArms | Today at 05:41:00 PM
My BIL has never shot before and I plan on taking him this weekend to bust his cherry.  I have a choice of 2 ranges in my area.  Shooters - an indoor range in New Milford or Wooster Mountain.  If you were taking a newbie out for their first time, which one would you choose (Shooters is handgun only, Wooster I can break out the rifles - he'd be OK with either one).Thanks.I would choose Wooster Mountain. Unless it has changed since I went last year you pay for the day and it is cheaper then indoor ranges charge per hour. So you don’t feel rushed. Also you can put the target close or at the berm and anywhere in-between. And that is good for a first time handgun shooter because you can put it close enough that they can see what they are hitting (or missing) and then you c...
Re: Carry . 45
by jerryd | Today at 05:28:49 PM
I carry a G-30sf my wife loves her Kimber ultra in 45 find a range that rents and try them all !!!  You will save money in the long run!...
Re: Lawn Darts
by jerryd | Today at 05:22:58 PM
Make sure you use a helmet when you play!!! ;D ;D ...
Re: CAGV taking credit for homicide decline and asking for more money
by WoodBurner | Today at 05:22:10 PM
Like a whore taking credit for lower VD numbers cuz she requires you use a condom.  :jackoff: ...
Re: Colt’s last-ditch effort before bankruptcy
by sludwinjr | Today at 05:05:27 PM
maybe colt would not be in this situation if:1---  they stopped paying put bonuses to numerous top guys in the sums of $120,000 to $700,000.......... every year for the past years they have been in trouble.2- produced a quality product at a reasonable price , instead of charging double for Taurus quality 1911's.....  think about it...... even with " special " USMC 1911, starting over $2000 for a 1911 that has a bare front strap ( do you really think a marine issue pistol should be slippery??? ) the parts they use for internals are crap as well, hell I know the company that makes 90% of colts parts for 1911 and ar15, and colt marks them up 900%........ another 1911 example.... there is a handful of colts that sell for 1100-1500 that have zero options, bare front str...
Harris Outdoors, Old Saybrook
by CTSixshot | Today at 11:56:37 AM
I've been hearing ads on the local FM station about Harris Outdoors now selling guns, ammo and reloading gear... down the Post Road from Grouse Perch, by the looks....
Re: SIG p320
by Flatulence | Today at 11:28:22 AM
how are these? never fired one maybe i'll take a trip to hoffman's this weekend, are these guns as reliable as glocks? price range? ammo picky? please give me your feedback.Hillers has them in stock and in the range. They are in the 5s....
Re: Semi-Auto Pistols Pictures thread. *SHOW IT OFF*
by Mitch70 | Today at 10:52:54 AM
Todays office piece....
Re: Would These be considered Rifles?
by DINK | Today at 09:52:26 AM
Good point- even the full-auto version is a fluffy innocuous harmless "other" and is not an evil "assault weapon".  :jackoff: ...
Plate Shooting @ Greyson Guns
by ketel1 | Today at 09:00:13 AM
I just wanted to inform everyone that Greyson Guns is holding plate shoots on every other Wednesday (nights 7:30 start). Next  shoot will be on 6/3. $20 to participate. Max 10 rounds per mag, unlimited mags. Minimum of 100 rounds of ammo suggested.A,B,and C categories. Prizes for 1st place in each....
Re: what to build with my gen 1 frame?
by morph860 | Today at 06:37:51 AM
** these slides that have the rmr cut in it already, is their any other red dot that mounts in the cut or is it only the trijicon red dot?They come with adapters for Trijicon, eotech, c-more, leupold, and a few other brands I'm not familiar with. Eotech MRDS is one that supposedly fits. And Leupold Deltapoint. Trijicon seems to have the most options available. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk...
Good price Glock 42 dealers in Ct?
by morph860 | Today at 06:29:13 AM
Hoffmans has the 42 in stock for $399. They're taking orders for the 43 at $449. Cabelas had the 42 for $449 and 43 for $549. is a good resource to check blue label prices - Glock 43 is $358 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk...
Re: Various Memorial Day Sales (a list)
by ctsheepdog | Today at 05:52:37 AM
Bass Pro Shop (includes free shipping over $75, no code needed)
Re: Move from CT to FL and then back to CT...
by Leon82 | Yesterday at 05:33:27 PM
Im pretty sure out of staters were able to get AW certs before the deadline.  you would be like one of those...
New 9mm choices.. opinions?
by morph860 | Yesterday at 05:26:45 PM
IMO the size of the Glock 19/23 is the perfect compromise between a range gun and a carry gun...
Re: Got a new Beretta 92
by Leon82 | Yesterday at 12:30:50 PM
Very nice!  I was going to send mine out to them until they told me that they won't work on a 92F unless it's converted to an FS first.... Grr.  Has it been converted to a G model?Speaking of Wilson, anyone see that 1911 they're making for BCM?  Looks very sweet.Yes 3300 for the bcm 1911.This is a g SD build to Wilson's specs with his steel parts. I debating weather I want to send it for action tune...
Re: Clarification on New York State Laws
by 32bttln | Yesterday at 11:27:44 AM
Thanks again SBHAVEN - excellent info and great travel documentation - appreciated!...
Re: Warning - USPS/UPS and brass.
by Masked | Yesterday at 10:41:29 AM
ORM-D is in fact Hazmat.  It is under the classification of "other hazardous items"  It is part of CFR 49.Primed brass and live ammo is suppose to ship as ORM-D.  That has always been the policy.  ORM-D labeled boxes are handled different by processing equipment etc.This is true, however, it's never actually been policed. - In fact, I've asked the Postmaster in the past and was told just to flat-rate it.Even with major vendors, primed brass has always been shipped, USPS.So now, USPS is over-policing the issue and apparently, throwing once fired brass into the mix because of primers existing, regardless of if they're spent or not.Realistically, I don't think you'll have an issue unless, a misfire is included which, is rare but, does occ...
Re: CT Competitve Shooting
by chrisz@K33T | Yesterday at 10:13:20 AM
King 33 currently has USPSA matches scheduled on the third Friday night of the month. You will be able to sign up at King 33's full schedule is posted here:!schedule/ch3gIDPA is coming soon. We are working to setup the club and get match staff.Like us on Facebook: up for our email newsletter: Z...
Re: "US Cracking Down on Militarization of Police"
by ctsheepdog | Yesterday at 09:54:22 AM
Some optional accessories for your rifle:  Bayonet.  Shovel.  Tarp.  ;D oh. No. You. Didn't. ...

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