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Re: SBR engrabing - Western CT
by MadSmith | Yesterday at 11:43:55 PM
We acquired an engraving machine for our line of suppressors, and can engrave barrels and receivers as well.  ;D...
Re: Greyson's New Range
by kyriakos | Yesterday at 11:29:30 PM
It ain't cheap to build a facility like that! Memberships guarantee you will have an indoor range and most likely special treatment when requesti...
Re: Integrally Suppressed Ruger 10/22 and Takedown barrels & rifles available!
by Endless40 | Yesterday at 11:01:43 PM
that is a great price.  some silencer companies are charging in excess of $1000 for the exact same thing!...
Re: Glock 42 Holster
by Bestoink | Yesterday at 10:02:01 PM
For some reason, reviews or something, I ended up with a Cardini IWB leather holster. I like it. Classic and not expensive. (Of course I also have the...
Re: Sandy Hook Families File Wrongful Death Claim Notices - Against Bushmaster?
by Acesneights1 | Yesterday at 08:44:40 PM
I see beating his criminal charges with his new found empathy was not enough for Hesslin. Now he needs to profit as well...Funny how the boys mother i...
Re: Subsonic 308 loading
by joea132 | Yesterday at 06:09:11 PM
JBM gives data for stability for the 175 at 1.804. 208 a-max is 1.587. 220smks is 1.337. All are well within acceptable limits, but I know for sure th...
Re: Anyone know what happened to Northeast Firearms?
by Peter Clemenza | Yesterday at 04:51:58 PM
I was there yesterday. Accessories and ammo only. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk...
Re: Boy, 14, fatally shoots intruder at grandmother’s N.C. home
by kimbershot | Yesterday at 04:49:49 PM
successful home invasions here in the south are very rare.  :takethat: ...
Re: A few funny pics i came across #2
by WoodBurner | Yesterday at 04:36:55 PM
Re: Haven't seen too much on this bill
by newpermitee | Yesterday at 03:58:52 PM
Time for a group buy?...
Re: CTGT Firearm Xmas list
by ctsheepdog | Yesterday at 02:58:26 PM
While it might not be very exciting compared with some of the above, I convinced my Mom (who is 79 and still buying my sister and I gifts) that I need...
Re: US Appeals Court deems a federal gun law unconstitutional
by Andrapos | Yesterday at 02:49:40 PM
Yeah, if they are allowed to get away with intermediate scrutiny there's almost no limit to the "reasonable, common-sense" measures the...
Why Let Facts Interfere with Narratives? Aussie and UVA Parallels
by ctsheepdog | Yesterday at 02:26:45 PM
In an age where political correctness runs amok and too many people in various forms of power need to advance their agendas, it is an ugly thing when ...
CCDL Monthly Mtg.Jan. 13 2015 7:00pm to 9:00pm
by SJK2 | Yesterday at 12:26:22 PM
Next meeting: Monthly CCDL MeetingTue Jan. 13 2015@ 07:00PM - 09:00PMMiddletown Elks Lodge 44 Maynard StMiddletown Ct. 06457 Note:Please join us at o...

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