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Re: Pravda: Americans never give up your guns
by sbhaven | Today at 02:20:24 PM
Posted that article back in 2012 but for some reason it disappeared from that thread.Pravda OpEd: Americans never give up your guns http://www.ctgunta...
Re: Gobble Gobble You Evil Gun Owners You
by Padre | Today at 02:06:42 PM
Happy Thanksgiving to all....
Re: So I was bored the other day.... *Computer porn*
by Rbadbadger | Today at 01:28:05 PM
What games do you play on that beast?...
Re: Everytown Releases Gun Control Talking Points for Thanksgiving Dinner
by toker | Today at 01:15:18 PM
I'll be talking about guns after Thanksgiving dinner, but not in the way that Everytown wants...  :evil: ...
NEWEGG Computer gear Discount Codes
by MrNuke | Today at 12:59:41 PM
$25 off $200 - CODE : NAFVC25$10 off $100 - CODE : NAFVC10Good until Sat I think....
Re: 'Fundamental right' to feel safe?
by IH8SPM | Today at 11:48:58 AM
I think I'll pass.. Maybe Ron Jeremy... ...
Re: Mom Sues Gun Shop Over Accidental Gun Death, Wins $6 Million in Jury Decision
by IH8SPM | Today at 11:00:14 AM
A counter suit to dismiss these charges I'm sure was filed an upheld. A defective item is not the stores fault but rather the manufacture and in ...
Re: mmmmmmmmm yup
by sludwinjr | Today at 10:08:02 AM
Prune Juice and Vodka is better for you !!!no need.... I think of malloy or Obama and presto..... INSTAPOOP...
Re: C&R question
by DINK | Today at 08:34:51 AM
BATF doesn't have the personnel to check the retailers like they're supposed to.  You really think they're going to worry about so...
Re: Fantasy Football League
by whatdoin | Today at 08:16:13 AM
Playoffs next week, guess I need a win to stay in......
Re: Jurassic World
by MadSmith | Today at 07:03:30 AM
Dino hunting, anyone?  ;D
Tallahassee Democrat Calls For Handgun Ban, Repeal of 2nd Amendment
by MadSmith | Today at 06:51:34 AM
Tallahassee Democrat Calls For Handgun Ban, Repeal of 2nd AmendmentOn November 22 the Tallahassee Democrat called for the repeal of the Second Amendme...
Ranges open Thanksgiving?
by Fuego725 | Yesterday at 10:12:10 PM
Anyone know if Hillers is open tomorrow?...
Re: A few funny pics i came across #2
by MadSmith | Yesterday at 08:51:28 PM

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