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Re: Springfield Armory XDm 10mm
by BerettaBoy213 | Today at 07:50:16 PM I hear 13?Would be a DD then....
Re: (Permit) Wait Times in Wethersfield.
by The Baron | Today at 06:16:17 PM
why on earth would wethersfield PD call the state on anyones behalf to ask YET AGAIN, where is my permit?    Do you think they have a room full of employees twittling their thumbs purposely not doing their job, hoping that you will call them everyday?  I dont get it, I understand you want your permit and that they are also late to the game issuing it. 1- did you file an appeal?  ( ididnt read through all the pages) 2- They are probably sick and tired of the same people calling all the time asking the same question. I honestly wouldnt doubt that they write down the names of people calling and delay it more.1- Yes. I put in for the appeal in early September.2- They are “Sick & Tired” of any applicant(s) calling as they are overworked & understaffed with a mamm...
m1a socom 16
by sludwinjr | Today at 05:42:48 PM
Have a springfield armory m1a socom16, i just cant get used to shooting it. Love shooting my sr25 a lot more than this...... its not a preban otherwise would be in a pistol grip chassis..... ...
Re: Red Planet Arsenal 9mm Takedown
by BerettaBoy213 | Today at 05:16:12 PM
I don't see how the stock folds....
Re: Colt 1903 project
by nxprss | Today at 05:00:48 PM
Nice ! Ya tell us who did the work and pics when u get it back! ...
Re: Big Green is up to some stuff.. TAC 13
by PreBanMan | Yesterday at 11:28:28 PM
I would pay extra for a semi auto vs pump. Not sure about double though....
Re: Decision help
by Fyrfytr998 | Yesterday at 10:10:25 PM
I was lacking a Beretta in my collection so I opted for the M9A3. Sent from my iPhone using TapatalkThat would have been my choice too....
Red Planet Arsenal IWI Galil in .308 ;D
by MadSmith | Yesterday at 12:57:46 PM legal PDW/AOWIsraeli Weapons Industries GalilSemi-automatic personal defense weaponPic shows .308/7.62x51 NATO modelDetachable magazine, takes AR10 magsCompact, CQB, close quarters to +100 metersAlso available in .223/5.56mm, 7.62x3910rd mag, foregrip, ghost ring sights, includedAOW and non-NFA versions availableAOW allows for folding brace, OAL <26innon-NFA requires non-folding brace, OAL >26inAOW requires $5 NFA tax stampBarrel length 12.5inAll federal and state laws applyCustom built-to order with 2-4 week lead time ;D...
Re: Trail cam pics and advice
by Bollinc14 | Yesterday at 11:08:45 AM
Shoot me a PM, happy to help any way I can.Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk...
Re: Taofledermaus - "Opening an AMMO CAN from 1970"
by har1340 | Yesterday at 09:26:56 AM
I believe I have the billion rounds out there your talking about. :tat:...
Re: Red Planet Arsenal Scorpion PDC
by LostCanuck | October 14, 2018, 09:28:14 PM
Yup, thinking about a permanently attached silencer, for an overall combined barrel-silencer length of 12.5".  So with a folding brace it would need to be an AOW for fed purposes.  By a two tax firearm, do you mean $5 AOW, and $200 suppressor tax stamp?...
7.62x51mm 98g DEWC
by CTSixshot | October 14, 2018, 06:34:17 PM
Work okay in the FR-7......
Re: "NYTIMES visits Ultimate Reloader"
by PROBIKE101 | October 14, 2018, 04:18:43 PM
i feel sick..................
Re: Does a Sig 1911 ultra-compact 45 fit in a full size Sig 1911 holster?
by sludwinjr | October 14, 2018, 03:13:42 PM
Dara holsters offers custom level 2 holsters ( not sure same as you need) for sig 1911 3.3
Re: Mattabassett Turkey Shoots - Sundays, Berlin, CT
by CTSixshot | October 14, 2018, 01:21:34 PM
Fair enough, thanks. You guys in the area should check this out....
Re: Los Angeles requires city contractors to disclose NRA ties
by marco | October 14, 2018, 01:04:19 PM
All gun, ammo and related companies should cease doing all business with LAPD and other municipal agencies...Good point, let lapd be forced to purchase surplus or other venues. That also got me thinking in  I wonder if any of the lapd are NRA members?  If so will they be fired? ...
Classic Carbines in Torrington
by imahangtia | October 13, 2018, 07:01:07 PM
I'm not wanting an M1 carbine, but was curious to see what the company that opened in Torrington in 2013 was up to. looks like they don't have rifles, stocks, or parts listed.  Did the company fold?...
Re: Sig P365
by imahangtia | October 13, 2018, 05:24:28 PM
Re: Who's shooting today?
by CTSixshot | October 13, 2018, 09:12:27 AM
Range is open today.Come down and try the ARX 118 grainers in .45 ACP on steel plate, paper or tin cans.Also have the Berry's Hybrid HPs in 9mm and .45 ACP. Bring .40 S&W brass and you can shoot these, too. Sorry, no 10mm since they'll cause nuclear winter/fallout.Rifles are perfectly acceptable, too. Ample .223 Remington, 7.62x51mm, 6.5/7.7 Jap, 6.5 Carcano ammo available. Some .35 Remington.Much has gone into storage, so most other calibers are packed up already....
Re: TargetsportsUSA Ammo Prime
by CTSixshot | October 13, 2018, 09:02:46 AM
Careful, you'll be stopped by DOT for lack of placards, if you buy too much!...

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Springfield Armory XDm 10mm by BerettaBoy213
[Today at 07:50:16 PM]

(Permit) Wait Times in Wethersfield. by The Baron
[Today at 06:16:17 PM]

m1a socom 16 by Steevo
[Today at 05:42:48 PM]

Colt 1903 project by nxprss
[Today at 05:00:48 PM]

Big Green is up to some stuff.. TAC 13 by PreBanMan
[Yesterday at 11:28:28 PM]

Decision help by Fyrfytr998
[Yesterday at 10:10:25 PM]

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