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Shotshell Reloading?
by Padre | Today at 03:12:45 PM
Does anyone here reload their shot shells?  If so, what do you use?  I've been looking at MEC and Lee.  Right now the Hornady is u...
Re: Scope suggestions
by WannaBfree | Today at 03:08:39 PM
Vortex has a great warranty. ...
Re: Just finished 500 rounds 45acp in under an hour
by joea132 | Today at 03:00:53 PM
Wow. Both of those have been so hard to find lately. ...
Re: Just as I was thinking CAGV has been "too quiet" lately....
by WannaBfree | Today at 02:06:05 PM
It seems it would be beneficial if 'our side' provided a form letter to make the process of contacting our legislators a bit easier.  H...
Ruger PC9 9mm carbine
by johndeere318a | Today at 02:04:35 PM
Anyone have any idea on the value of a Ruger Police Carbine PC9GR 9mm carbine unfired safe queen with the box. It's the model with the ghost ring...
Re: King33 Saves a Life
by ctsheepdog | Today at 01:40:07 PM
Great job. My friends have asked me "why are you spending the time and money on that stuff anyway"?Like most life saving skills/equipment, y...
Re: h&k p30 vs vp9 ...
by SonOfThunder | Today at 01:31:40 PM
I only have a little experience with the VP9, but have put a few hundred through my brother's V3 P30. It really depends on if you're looking...
Re: Man shoots self outside News Corp building in NYC
by ctsheepdog | Today at 12:28:47 PM
Yup, DoA at hospital and former employee. http://www.aol.com/article/2015/01/26/man-apparently-commits-suicide-at-fox-news-nyc-headquarters/21134899/ ...
Re: Eotech Sights
by Masked | Today at 12:01:44 PM
I have a bunch of Eotechs + Magnifiers...Definitely 1-if not better MOA if you do your job.That being said, I also have an ACOG - TA11J...It really is...
Email chain letter: Firearms Refresher Course
by sbhaven | Today at 10:21:35 AM
Another email chain letter. Many of these quotes/statements have probably been posted before.  ;DFirearms Refresher Course 1. "Those who ham...
Re: Proposed bill to mandate gun storage in CT
by ctsheepdog | Today at 09:34:31 AM
sbhaven - Carter's bill seems to be an attempt to protect firearms from theft and ultimate criminal use. That is what he suggests in his first re...
Re: Why would CT want to extend the AW and mag reg deadline NOW?
by mike20 | Today at 09:06:54 AM
Look at it from there point of view, what incentive is there for them to have an amnesty period to allow more gun owners to register/declare?To go fr...
Re: Shooting inside a NYC Home Depot
by icanthitabarn | Today at 07:34:11 AM
  A guy I know posted on FB that he had talked to guy (goodguy) just minutes before he left store. Thank God he wasn't there, armed, especia...
Re: Pay raises for the Governor and state lawmakers ?
by edgephoto | Yesterday at 10:10:13 PM
or.....  we get together and pool up enough $$$ to send these guys on a weeks vacation...... using Malaysia airline  ;D to ISIS held territo...

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