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Re: Zimbabwean baffled by foreign concern for killed lion
by safeaction | Today at 11:04:34 AM
This is nothing more than smoke and mirrors to cover up the PP video's and Hillary's email scandal.The American people are truly dumb (like the architect O'Care said before).~g...
Re: Windows 10 Free Upgrade For Windows 7 & 8 Users Is Out
by sbhaven | Today at 10:58:18 AM
It appears that the roll back to the prior version of windows is capped at 30 days per the following link.Change your mind about Windows 10? Here's how you can roll back also noticed that the reason I lost disc space (others report gaining it) was because like with past updates Microsoft keeps the old OS in a renamed folder called "Windows.old" on the root of the "C:\" drive. In my case, I lost about 25GB on a 320GB drive....
Re: Need a lawyer for some dual residency questions - Any reccomendations?
by obewan | Today at 09:33:19 AM
You might also try  they appear to be very knowledgeable on NFA and PA laws....
Re: Getting into 3 gun in this state in these times
by testosterone2010 | Today at 08:38:56 AM
your issue is less the rifle and more the magazines probably.  ...
Re: Cheaper Than Dirt Sucks The Big One!
by SMS Wolf | Today at 06:23:13 AM
I wrote them off quite some time ago. My business went to Lucky Gunner if I needed to buy online. ...
Re: may be moving temporarily to another state worse than CT gun dilema
by sludwinjr | Yesterday at 09:03:46 PM
I hope you don't have a copyright on that line cause I'm stealing it.I would have to say, I don't think you can patent anything from nature......POOP or MALLOY is from nature technically........  come to think of it, a good fart actually sounds like stuttering malloy...
Re: Man arrested for shooting down drone; cites right to privacy
by MadSmith | Yesterday at 07:06:14 PM
I would let this hover over new Britain all day.....STEALING!  ;D...
Re: Remington 870
by joelcramer | Yesterday at 05:52:41 PM
joelcrameri do love the paint, i would replicated it on my glock, maybe a cerakote bakeeither way, i cant see to find one anywhere to purchase, did they stop making them?thanks for your inputBuy the regular 870 and have it painted along with your Glock. This way they will match!I have never seen the speed feed stock on a Remington. I have them on my Mossbergs....
Re: Suppressor under handguard
by ffederico | Yesterday at 04:06:05 PM
I've had good experiences with YHM handguards.  Here's the YHM "Scepter" length (9") on a 10.5" barrel.  I.D. is 1.8"
Re: New figures show almost 800,000 suppressors in circulation
by MadSmith | Yesterday at 03:54:55 PM
I read the Wikipedia for DD, what types of things do they tend to be in practice?Large 'anti-tank' rifles with bores greater than half an inch in diameter.  Grenades.M72 LAW.Interestingly, one can legally Form1 a DD on a $200 tax stamp.  ;D...
Re: FN 8mm Mauser Question
by FEV | Yesterday at 10:45:58 AM
A couple more...thanks!...
Re: Alan Dershowitz: 2nd Amendment ‘An Absurd Thing’ In Our Constitution
by ctsheepdog | Yesterday at 10:17:41 AM
I am sensing that the LibProgs are getting really carried away, far more than in years past. Is it that sense some sort of tide turning? Are they concerned Obama is the last Dem president for awhile? Is something else driving this constant and increasing drumbeat of hysterical posturing?Micro-aggressionsFree speech zones on campusBook-banning at universityTrigger warnings. Mattress carrying. Denied due process for "rape" claims. Guilty until proven innocentWhite shameSCotUS creating new "rights"Executive ordersFabricated stories damning an entire culture. Re-writing/white-washing historyMan-spreadingCis-gender. Cis_______________White/male/Anglo/etc privilege"Americans" as an offensive termSpouse 1/Spouse 2Parent 1/Parent 2False memes based on fully discredite...
Re: Los Angeles Council passes high-capacity magazine ban
by sbhaven | Yesterday at 09:12:19 AM
I had to LOL at the proposal document they submitted. Serious derpage. They use some statistics that seem suspect and don't indicate where (besides out of their ass) the statistics were pulled from. But I really laughed at their reasoning of why peasant doesn't need a large capacity magazine but police do."The prohibition on large capacity magazines serves as further protection for law enforcement officers because shooters will be forced to reload - and put themselves in a position to be subdued - before they can cause mass casualties"."Large capacity magazines are not necessary for individuals to vindicate their right to self defense. Only in an extraordinarily rare circumstance would a person ...
Re: Armed Thief’s Family Thinks Good Samaritan Should’ve “Minded His Own Business”
by MadSmith | July 29, 2015, 10:47:33 PM
Hit him 5 times and stopped the threat, that's a good shoot. Thinking that a "good shoot" means killing someone, that's moronic.I agree.  We shoot to stop, not shoot to kill.  If the criminal winds up dying, well, tough luck.You shot him 5 times!Well, he hasn't stopped twitching.With a 12ga!It was effective at stopping him, no?;D...
Re: Fantasy Football League
by SCAGNETTI | July 29, 2015, 09:37:22 PM
Please PM details for this year. Still havent recieved an invite....
Re: Here's a great flashlight
by indawire | July 29, 2015, 06:08:11 PM
Gives new meaning to "light 'em up"  :bowrofl: ...
Re: Michael Bay's Benghazi movie: 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi
by ctsheepdog | July 29, 2015, 03:45:09 PM
:wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: voodoo, must be.......
Re: Powder Valley Accurate Powders **7/29/2015 Update**
by Flatulence | July 29, 2015, 02:56:51 PM
If anyone needs it local we have accurate bullseye and others in stock....
Re: Would this help any?
by safeaction | July 29, 2015, 12:54:12 PM
Are you or your friendly currently open carrying?If not, why change your method of carry if it's such a sour subject in your neck of the woods?You might be better off seeking legal counsel to advice you on the topic, again whipping out a piece of paper and flashing it to LEO's is probably not going to change the outcome.Another time I wish our resident LEO's would chime in.................~g...
Re: Gun safe please
by pokerpro76 | July 29, 2015, 12:44:52 PM
thank you everyonefound one at a sweet deal through stack on 28 gun capacitycombination lock...

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