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Re: Talk to me about O/U for trap/skeet
by DanTSX | Today at 01:55:18 AM
Don't be surprised if you find trap (or skeet or sporting clays) more addictive than you think it will be.  But if you can, borrowing a gun ...
Re: Firearms unit asking for SSN on transfers
by DanTSX | Today at 01:49:40 AM
Re: Pre-ban pistols - legality
by IH8SPM | Yesterday at 11:25:58 PM
Too bad this has a chip in the grip. Made in 1989. I'd buy it otherwise. fix. ...
Re: Longmire Cancelled By A&E
by sbhaven | Yesterday at 06:57:44 PM
Good to see. Figured they'd work a deal to do one more season. Looking forward to it....
Re: Uverse sold to Frontier Communications
by sbhaven | Yesterday at 04:40:20 PM
Is that how it is for all uverse though?Yes, DSL has distance problems, ususally if you are 15k ft or less from the CO you can get whatever rate teh D...
Re: CCRRC Saturday morning 22Nov 8am?
by ridenclimb | Yesterday at 02:41:41 PM
Another fun range session.  Ammo inventory a couple hundred rounds lighter.  Gun cleaning and reloading later this week.    ...
Re: odd ar
by MrNuke | Yesterday at 12:50:29 PM
Yeah its the fugllest 22 ever made. They had an AK variant too that's ass....
Re: Soda Can Launcher - Not a Firearm!!
by Broadhead | Yesterday at 12:42:35 PM
Doesn't CT law define a dangerous weapon as anything capable of "firing a shot".Yes but a shot is only 1.5 oz.  This thing launche...
Re: Running out of money at DHS for deportations
by BigBob | Yesterday at 10:07:14 AM
if you allow the problem get blown out of proportion beyond the ability to reign it in you simply change the criteria that makes it a problem.Solved !...
Re: Newtown shooter's history reviewed in new report
by BigBob | Yesterday at 09:22:49 AM
The single most common denominator in mass shootings is a person or persons with no regard for our laws or life. Nobody needs a doctorate to figure th...
Re: Frequenters at Hoffmans...
by CTSixshot | Yesterday at 08:53:39 AM
I'm really only looking for another shooter that is looking for 7.7 Jap brass. It's not worth a $20 gas bill just to drive up there just in ...
Re: Some New Guns on The Rack
by MadSmith | Yesterday at 04:50:53 AM
UTS-15 Marine 15 shot 12ga. Stainless steel, aluminum and chrome plated steel.  Resists salt water exposure! $1.6khttps://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akama...
Re: Score!
by richief | Yesterday at 02:37:27 AM
Actually Glock sent notices on them to be returned for a six pc. redesigned part "upgrade" their is a serial# range on record....
Re: THE MADNESS Benefit/Giveaway
by firepolock | November 21, 2014, 10:21:07 PM
Update....Madness got his stitches out, and is on track to get the prosthetic molded next month sometime. Bad news, obamacare is screwing him over, as...

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