Guns in Britain?! How can that be, it's illegal!
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Next time an anti-gun zealot tries to use the UK as a model of gun control's efficacy, point out this seizure to them and ask how well their prohibition laws kept this assortment out of the hands of d

Re: When was the last time you were at the range?
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I think last july or august.

Stuffed Flank Steaks with Taleggio cheese and sage and a dried plum sauce
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So simple and so delicious. Here ya go.

1.  Take flank steak of larger size and lay it flat. Season with salt and black pepper.

2.  Place chunks of Taleggio cheese (or Grana Pada

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Nil se anse. Ta se erite.

(He is not here. He is risen.) For those of you who acknowledge Christ Jesus Resurrected. Not a sermon. Just a declaration. :)

Re: bloomburg running scare ads on ct tv
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You would think that Bloomie would want to know who exactly is against his agenda. You know. For clarity.

Re: ATF Officially Bans Importation of 7N6 5.45x39 Ammunition
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M855 and M2AP (.30-06 black tip), having been found particularly suitable for sporting purposes, are specifically exempted from the definition of "armor piercing." See page 166 of the Federal Firearms

Re: Arming for success
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Soon enough even the M1 template will be deemed as an "evil assault rifle that drinks the blood of babies" and he will have invested his time and money into nothing.

That's not a slam on h

Re: Mosin: Legal for Transportation w/o Permits?
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The various permits for long guns and ammunition are for BUYING them, not for possessing them. As long as your n

Re: Popular Teacher Suspended - 'Punished for Teaching Science'
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And people wonder why private schools are doing better than public ones. I wonder what happens if you give a student a scalpel in biology in the LA district. You'd certainly be fired, heck they may ev

Re: Buying a firearm in PA and bringing it home to CT....
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madsmith is a master of making you feel like he made your day...and then hel takes all your money  :bowrofl:

in all honesty though he is awesome.  Shooting 458 socom sounded awesome,