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Re: Is this legal in Connecticut?
by sbhaven | Today at 03:06:11 PM
I just saw this on Slickguns website.  It is a bumpfire stock for an AR. have an opinion as to whether thes...
Re: Obama administration forcing new gun buyers to declare race, ethnicity
by wpm88 | Today at 02:50:49 PM
There's also some rumors they are including political party on the new forms. If that happens I'm wondering just what they need that for!Zin...
Re: Firearm crimes by carry permit holders who won at BFPE
by richief | Today at 02:24:39 PM
Community organizer and mother of two 'pulled a gun at Chuck E Cheese's on a woman during heated argument over their feuding toddlers'&...
by toker | Today at 01:45:06 PM
Count me in. I would like to meet some fellow Forum members....
Mesa Tactical Urbino Stock Kit - Mossberg 930 Finally Arriving!
by cdarmssupply | Today at 01:26:43 PM
The highly anticipated Urbino Stock system for the Mossberg 930 is almost here.This stock kit comes with the pistol grip, limbsaver butt pad, and adju...
Re: Scandal brewing at the DMV
by Acesneights1 | Today at 11:54:39 AM
The DMV should be abolished. It is a useless orginization and anyone who abuses children should be castrated. Problem solved....
Re: 2014 black bear hunt
by bikerman9967 | Today at 11:10:45 AM
ha im bad at this. .300 win mag at about 35 feet.. right in the chest ...
Re: State is shutdown for transfers !!!
by joelcramer | Today at 10:29:53 AM
So I presume its been up since friday?On 9/9 at about noon I got the call the state was back up and I posted it shortly after that. I don't know ...
Re: Confidential Briefing for CCDL Memebers - Sept 25
by sbhaven | Today at 10:21:32 AM
BTW, this was a confidential update because we were trying to keep the "other side" from being aware of all of our moves. So now that the ca...
Re: CCDL Monthly Mtg. Oct 14 2014 7:00pm to 9:00pm
by SJK2 | Today at 10:16:25 AM
A msg from Scott Wilson 09/17/14: "Chris Conte (NRA Legal Counsel) will be at our October Meeting to give a litigation update. Chris is acting as...
Re: **NEXT Raffle** HK VP9 9mm Handgun!!
by davecmoc | Today at 09:37:34 AM
Nuke....apparently you misspelled my screen name. Congrats to the winners and a big thanks to Nuke for giving us this place to hang out in. ...
Re: 300Blackout in stock here..
by Masked | Today at 09:27:29 AM
So, put them through the Sheriden last night, they're all GTG.Freedom's reloads are typically very close to my own, especially in terms of p...
Re: Other Facebook groups... not affiliated with us....
by MrNuke | Today at 08:41:18 AM
Yeah there are a few on there worded very close with this one and I've got people asking if it's part of the Gun Talk network(us). I underst...
Re: Problem With The Smith & Wesson Shield
by sludwinjr | Today at 07:07:31 AM
At some point, the guy in the video probably took the gun apart and tried to replace the mag release with the Costa version and messed the gun up. Fig...

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