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Re: Walmart Watch
by CTSixshot | Today at 11:56:20 AM
Probably not worth the drive, unless other stores have the same deal, but I noticed R-P 9mm for $7.67 (I think it was) at the Westerly Wal-Mart. You won't even need Ned's permission to buy ammo in RI....
Re: Lawmaker proposes toll discount for low income residents
by sbhaven | Today at 11:32:58 AM
25 cents on liquor and wine bottles75% on vaping junkStatewide flat auto taxTolls as far as you can see, now fully-acknowledged by Lamont.Entire budget comes out Wednesday, they’ll be some other surprises in there for sure. Lamonts proposed budget comes out Wednesday. What we'll end up with most likely is a mix of what he wants and what the Dem leaders in the legislature wants. As usual they will not deal with the underlying issues and will once again raise taxes/fees while they kick the can down the road.Its funny/angering as hell to listen to these guys lie to our face during the election then do a 180 once elected. Everyone (paying attention) knows Lamont was going to fold like a cheap suit on tolls all once elected. The Dem's are hell bent on making this state as unbusiness...
Re: glock 19 seafoam camo
by indawire | Today at 10:37:30 AM
When you said seafoam all I could think of is that engine cleaner. Gets all the carbon out for sure....
Re: Where to go for Jeep frame repair?
by indawire | Today at 10:35:19 AM
I looked at that one also, my guy told me $1,500 to 2k+-  to repair. Nice Jeep tho, original owner and all....
Re: Glock Gen 2 Receivers
by morph860 | Today at 10:11:17 AM
I also have the Auction link set up to accept offers on these. ...
Ruger SP101 TALO Black Cerakote SP-101 .357 Mag
by morph860 | Today at 10:09:47 AM
Brand new Ruger SP101. This is the limited edition TALO model chambered in .357 Mag / .38 sp. Stainless steel with black cerakote finish. Comes with original box, lock, and paperwork. Opening bid is $499. Auction ends Sunday. Visit for more pictures or to place a bid....
Ruger SR22
by morph860 | Today at 10:08:49 AM
Used Ruger SR22 in excellent condition. This is the original all-black model 3600. Comes with original box, lock, soft case, two grips, and paperwork. Also comes with four 10 round magazines. Opening bid is $274.99. Auction ends Sunday. Visit for more pictures or to place a bid....
Ruger 10/22 Takedown Magpul Backpacker
by morph860 | Today at 10:07:03 AM
Used Ruger 10/22 in excellent condition. This is the Takedown Magpul Backpacker model in OD Green. Has a threaded 16'' barrel. Comes with original box, four 10 round magazines, scope mount, and paperwork. Starting bid is $374.99. Auction ends Sunday. Visit for more pictures or to place a bid. ...
Wanna look super cool?
by imahangtia | Today at 08:11:16 AM
11:20 to 11:26
Re: Sig P365
by Flatulence | Yesterday at 08:58:34 PM
I started this thread in February of 2018.Now in February of 2019 I just skimmed through a recent batch of youtube videos.  Still too many problems for me to consider it yet for a carry gun.It is not my favorite gun but our range gun has been rock solid. I have lost count of the number of rounds through it....
Re: New Mossberg subcompact Mc1sc
by imahangtia | Yesterday at 08:17:34 PM
Re: Any rumors of a Ruger PC in a real caliber?
by BerettaBoy213 | Yesterday at 07:03:17 PM
I hear it will shoot .380 ACP, but you have to run the bolt manually. :eyejack:...
Re: Who's shooting today?
by CTSixshot | Yesterday at 06:58:26 PM
Past few days have been decent enough. Nobody shooting?A slight chill didn't seem to bother my Swiss rifle. I guess it's used to the alpine environment....
Re: IL: Reports of shooting in Aurora
by Jorg | Yesterday at 05:21:58 PM
I ignore gun free zones, unless guns are banned by statute....
Re: 9mm others
by chestercopperpot | Yesterday at 07:05:31 AM
The BCM verticals foregrip should be perfectly fine. I don’t think the little one is any shorter than the Magpul it just has a oval shap to it. The shape is nicer for the thinner less than 1.5 inch rails IMO. I wish the pinning of the upper never started. My understanding is this is not a legal requirement but something FFL ‘s started doing so people wouldn’t get “jammed” up. I mean I understand there’s a lot of people who don’t understand the laws but I think most gun owners are perfectly aware of what size upper / barrel length is needed to be legal in CT. I wish a FFL would get a company like BCM or cmmg to make others. ...
Re: looking for Lead shot
by CTSixshot | February 16, 2019, 06:33:39 PM
Not a problem.Most won't run over to RI from western CT, but fwiw, most 8-pounders (Red Dot, Green Dot, 700x, Clays, Promo, E3, etc.) are priced at $143-$147, centerfire primers at $30ish....
Re: Disclosing arrest history
by MikeScouter | February 16, 2019, 04:04:19 PM
This same thing jammed me up about 10 years ago when I was applying for my permit. I wasn’t sure how I should fill the application out. My arrest had been erased and I was unable to find any record of the arrest. I did consult with a lawyer to ensure that I filled out the application properly. In the end I didn’t need to disclose the arrest. You should contact a lawyer for legal advice pertaining to your arrest....
6.5x53mmR anyone?
by CTSixshot | February 16, 2019, 02:53:50 PM
Rhode Island Gunworks (Coventry, RI) has some of this surplus ammo. Even a sporterized Mannlicher m1916 ...
Re: G&B Firearms owner arrested
by RevlimiterRuss | February 16, 2019, 06:44:54 AM
Go fund me page for him setup by any chance? ...
Re: Understanding donating used BB/Pellet gun to local police.
by RRM707 | February 15, 2019, 02:49:04 PM
I had 3 BB guns for sale here, cheap, for quite a long time. No interest at all.I gave up trying to sell them &  just gave them to a friend....

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Walmart Watch by CTSixshot
[Today at 11:56:20 AM]

Lawmaker proposes toll discount for low income residents by sbhaven
[Today at 11:32:58 AM]

glock 19 seafoam camo by indawire
[Today at 10:37:30 AM]

Where to go for Jeep frame repair? by indawire
[Today at 10:35:19 AM]

Wanna look super cool? by imahangtia
[Today at 08:11:16 AM]

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