Re: Sooooo....
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Re: Looking for a Flat aluminum/steel diamond cut mesh.
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yep, for aluminium yarde. Expanded aluminium.

Re: Well, there goes the 4th Amendment.
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Interesting the "liberal" members of the court agreed with Scalia. Very odd in how they all ruled.

Thomas, J., delivered the opi

Hello from Milford!
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Hi all.  Great forum and I hope to start contributing on a more frequent basis.  Also, if anyone can shoot me a PM (or post here) which gives me a "lay of the land" with regards to the competitive pis

The Kerismo show episode 1 is complete!
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I know you all have been patiently waiting for me to get my show edited. I appreciate all the encouragement and advice.
I hope there will be much more as I intend to continue with these programs.

Re: New Haven judge calls Tec-9 a 'weapon of mass destruction'
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Hey! Leave me (and the 10mm nuclear rounds) out of this.  8)

Re: Smartcar With Big Block
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With the wind gust we have been having lately, I would be scarred shitless to be in one of those  :eeek: :eeek:

Re: NY Gun Owners refuse to Register Firearms en masse
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What taxes/insurance were imposed after 1994 registration in CT?

What taxes / insurance req

Re: Buffoon-enthal
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Ohh so close. I believe the correct answer we were looking for is... ROMULAN!


Re: Inexpensive case for Spotting Scope?
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I use a padded soft case meant to hold my big stainless thermos.  Which is now all banged and dinged up.  The thermos that is.  ;D

Re: DGU in west Hartford being prosecuted?
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Sounds as if she knew he wood make good on his threats no matter what and needed to solve the problem......

Re: Have experience with a salvage inspection?
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I rebuilt a salvage motorcycle.  took it to vermont to get inspected. its super easy. pm me I can give more details