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Re: Malloy to cops: Don't cooperate with ICE
by SJK2 | Today at 03:26:43 PM
this stuttering prick just signed an executive order against trumps EO for trannies in the bathroom..... fracking perv
Re: Proposed Executive Order Designating Certain Rifles for ‘Militia Purposes’
by JBear | Today at 03:03:27 PM
i.e. "a band aid" ...
Re: 2 ‘Electronic Highway Tolling’ bills filed
by imahangtia | Today at 01:00:42 PM
Mass has these things on the highways. I just got a bill for........ $2.40 from a few weeks ago. Even though I paid the tolls with cash.. :facepalm:.....I haven't been to MA in over 10 years.  I understand they have wireless things.... maybe plate readers too.Do they still have the baskets you throw coins into?  Do they still have toll booths with a real live person?Do they have credit card devices?I'm old.  I use cash....
Re: Help with picking new G19 sights (carry & comp)
by marco | Today at 11:04:29 AM
Sight  I use on my carry, bit pricey I have on my 42, found these to be way brighter than other 3 dots I have.
Re: Refrigerator water/ice issue
by sludwinjr | Today at 10:19:46 AM
just use spring water,or get a new solenoid and a larger filter,sounds as if solenoid is acting up intermitently.selenoid is working as it should without issue.  i took it apart and found no leaks, no frozen lines, no clogged areas........ they do not make a filter bypass for this kitchenaide so i think i am going to try to make one and go from there. im going to cut the filter up and see why it is constantly clogging and maybe out a filter setup in the basement if needed....
Re: Gun confiscated after paying infraction for possession of Marijuana
by 19cohiba75 | Today at 10:18:53 AM
Wasn't possession of small amount of pot decriminalized in CT? I think under 1/2 oz? So if caught with under 1/2 oz they will take your firearms or is there more to the story like a large amount?Supposedly this guy was caught with a roach which is basically nothing, sooooo .......
Re: CA: Sheriffs Office Releases CCW Permit Holders Names and Locations to ABC7
by DINK | Today at 10:14:14 AM
In CT, permit info is exempt from FOIA requests.Sec. 29-28(d)...
Re: Look at what Hickok45 is wearing in this video from 2014
by ctyankee | Today at 09:40:15 AM is awesomeness!Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk...
Re: NYC DA blasts bill allowing conceal carry in all 50 states
by edgephoto | Yesterday at 11:33:15 PM
Virtually none. Permit holders are more than 6 times as law-abiding as police, and 1600 times more law-abiding then the general population in Texas and Florida: how many jobs would be lost in the criminal-justice-industrial-complex if everyone was as well behaved as CCW permit holders?  :facepalm:Exactly my point....
Re: Selling to a Dealer
by BerettaBoy213 | Yesterday at 11:10:33 PM
I do not believe the state performs a NICS check on the seller at that time.After all, that might cost something.  :wink:...
Re: CT Legal 9mm Carbine - Marlin Camp 9
by ffederico | Yesterday at 10:51:16 PM
Thanks SBHaven...It's not pre-ban, so I have to sell the stock to someone that has a pre-ban Marlin Camp 9...Looks like the "action" upper receiver falls above the rear of the trigger guard allowing non-trigger fingers to be below the "action"  :police: ...
Re: Hoffman's looking for a Range Safety Officer
by kstauff | Yesterday at 09:09:44 PM
Or if they'll teach them to have negligent discharges or will have to figure it out for themselves....
Re: Bourbon drinkers here ?
by Supes3 | Yesterday at 07:56:20 PM
Wow ... that is a great picture!  Very jealous of that pappy!  ...
Re: Of course we don't need a wall...Dah!
by IH8SPM | Yesterday at 07:22:15 PM
Cuz malloy is scum. and this story will be buried.Your right! I did find it odd that it was not  being called an abduction till I crossed over To NY portion of i95. Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk...
Re: Some Chicago gangs turning to rifles for added firepower
by JBear | Yesterday at 04:15:38 PM
I'd rather yap about how they were probably given the "assault weapons" by Soros, and told to go to town and make news. ...
Re: Ok Jeep guys need a little help
by Flatulence | Yesterday at 09:17:24 AM
PM Gator, he is a jeep expert....
Re: This foam stops bullets cold and pulverizes them to dust
by sbhaven | Yesterday at 06:39:56 AM
There was an ARFCOM GD thread on it yesterday where one person made the following comment:"This material first gained attention for its radiation attenuation, for which it is slightly better than other materials on a per-mass basis. Then the lab just started promoting it for just about everything. When they started promoting it for ballistics, their supporting information was scant, to put it mildly. I don't know if they've put out more specs on it, or not, but what they didn't say about it was louder than what they were saying about it.And enter one of our fellow Arfcommers who was very excited about this and contacted the lab for details. My recollection is that he declared this thing to be a big scam.Oh, and the reporter is a terrible reporter on defense matters. She...
Re: Over 400% Increase in Pistol Permit Fee (Malloy's Budget)
by JBear | February 23, 2017, 08:14:20 PM
That's like saying every Republican is pro 2A... that isn't true either. ...
Re: Anyone here tried "Extreme Defenders" (either Lehigh or Underwood)?
by Joe | February 23, 2017, 06:04:48 PM
I'm gonna try the defender in .380. I usallly run with fmj anyways, the defender looks by my research to penetrate like ball but with a tad more damage. ...
Re: info - job posting - shooting range manager
by imahangtia | February 23, 2017, 05:30:42 PM
No Glocks and no Hi Points should lower your work level to almost nothing....

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