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Re: looking for M18
by imahangtia | Today at 10:39:06 PM
Are ya still looking?  I found all the M18s!
Re: Go Broke
by Ed350t | Today at 10:24:25 PM
Re: Remington ammo hitting the shelves
by Ed350t | Today at 07:41:37 PM
I will add that a lot of people only have so much $ too spend on ammo regardless of cost.The rent, mortgage and bills didn't just go away. ...
Re: 1995 jeep wrangler advice
by M1A_All_Day | Today at 07:37:32 PM
Def try to snag a ZJ with the V8. They are the classic FSJ Grand Wagoneer of tomorrow....
Re: Using M1 Carbine bullet mold on .300BO question
by Bottom Rung | Today at 07:06:34 PM
I guess they aren't...But probably would......
Re: New Pistol Permit Hours Update - In Person No Appointments Needed
by safeaction | Today at 06:20:00 PM
Customer I spoke with today said he waited almost 4 hours  :suicide:~g...
Mossberg Shockwave going rate used?
by cdarmssupply | Today at 04:03:45 PM
I have a couple Shockwaves and was thinking of letting one go.  What is the going rate for a used 12 gauge now? This one has 5 rounds through it.I have one with a walnut furniture kit and Black Aces Tactical rail setup. I never shoot any of the Shockwaves so no sense in keeping all.  Anyone pickup a used one as of late?This is not a for sale listing - just trying to get feedback on what people are paying for used ones....
Re: WTS: Maglula BabyUpLula Pink Pistol Mag Loader .22-.380
by cdarmssupply | Today at 03:29:23 PM
Price drop to $25.00...
Re: What are you reloading today?
by CTSixshot | Today at 01:21:31 PM
Back to .45 Auto today. Federal Guard Dog (Rrrrufff!) 200 grain pulled bullets. Still an economical range bullet at 12.8ยข a pop....
Re: Ammo, Inc (NASDAQ: POWW)
by CTSixshot | Today at 10:05:10 AM
POWW @ $7.03 15 Oct 2021 $5 call: $2.45/$2.80If you wanted to realize a short term gain, you should be able to get a fill at $2.55 on your October calls. $2550/$2250 = 13.3% gain in 3 days....
Re: Live fire situation in Branford...
by M1A_All_Day | Today at 09:24:53 AM
Complaint came from a non-domestic relationship and there was no direct threat made to that person. Kind of hard to pursue unless a weapon was brandished or something that escalated the original complaint. People complain all the time for non-specific reasons, usually the problem is the person complaining....
Re: Norma .308 at $1 a round
by Flatulence | Yesterday at 08:30:12 PM
I know a couple dealers that have been ordering from them. Biggest complaints i see from people are their high shipping costs, not failure to deliver.Jesus I cant imagine what they have to charge customers if they are ordering from them. All I can offer is what my customers have told me, I have no personal or professional experience with them. ...
Re: Anyone fired 300WM thru a AAC 762-SD
by ghostlight | Yesterday at 10:11:22 AM
I appreciate the info and will not be using this on my 700.  Again, thanks for the advice....
Re: Facemasks in the COVID-19 era: A health hypothesis
by BishopofBling | April 20, 2021, 09:29:46 PM
How did you get it?Most likely a family member got it, I work and study from home so I'm not out and about much though it's hard to know who got it as certain people have symptoms show up at different times. Most people in my household got sick all at once which was odd since COVID symptoms show up at different times although I've been seeing from people that have gotten sick all of them get sick at once in the same household. We've all been pretty cautious which is how I think we avoided it for a year. It sucks but it's not the black plague or anything. Although I cannot stress it enough from what I've seen from people that got it. If a family member has it you're going to get sick unless you are really lucky. Personally for me, losing my sense of smell ...

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