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Re: Local Patch Writers Should Be Prohibited to Write About Guns!
by ctsheepdog | Today at 12:37:52 PM
The Patch "reporters" should be prohibited from writing about anything. It's nothing but an unchecked open forum for every crank in tow...
Re: Help with decision
by MadSmith | Today at 11:18:00 AM
Thanks for all the help, you guys.  I posted on Arfcom and got 2 bites for trades of lowers.  Question.  Is the lower all I need? ...
Re: Thinking of doing a little experiment.
by obewan | Today at 10:41:09 AM
He is a Malloy appointee, replaced Chief Knapp.  According to him somebody is lying if they question a police report because, of course, the only...
Re: Bayou Bullets
by Bollinc14 | Today at 10:07:39 AM
Thats awesome, im going to check them out....
Re: CRAZY VIDEO: Watch What Happens When Online Dating Goes Really, Really Wrong
by RocknRoad | Today at 09:34:28 AM
What do you expect, its California, the land of fruits and nuts!!! :banana: :banana:Don't forget the flakes. It's kinda like granola. ...
Re: It the Tide Turning? - More Than a Few Political Articles Worth Considering
by ctsheepdog | Today at 08:33:14 AM
More from today's headlines:Running Against Obama, GOP Positioned for Sweep - Josh Kraushaar, NJObama, the Pariah President - Dana Milbank, Washi...
Re: Aussie Girls Lead Aussies Back to Gun Sanity
by toker | Yesterday at 11:28:10 PM
Gun Control Australia spokesman Roland Browne told The Courier-Mail that is was rubbish to suggest that champions cannot be created after the age of 1...
Re: my new campaign against malloy!!!!!!!!
by MrNuke | Yesterday at 10:47:00 PM
Not a bad idea. Print up a bunch of the round slogans and every time you go to a public bathroom, put one into the urinal.Once I'm done moving, I...
Re: Meat Eaters Have More & Better Sperm
by MadSmith | Yesterday at 10:05:33 PM
Not sure this will be a shock to anyone who eats manly quantities of once-living animals. But this also supports evolution in that the strong reproduc...
Re: cnc mill almost setup and then bam.......
by sludwinjr | Yesterday at 10:00:39 PM
what madsmith said......  very finicky with the controls........ got 32 bit win 7 installed installed and was able to jog the motors. but having ...
Re: Calendar gift idea for any (male) shooter - Update on NG involvement
by NiCKZ | Yesterday at 09:27:52 PM
In general; I have a disgust of how the whole GM failing was handled a few years ago so I probably won't ever buy something of theirs, UNLESS it&...
Re: Nosy Neighbor Puts Up Sign to “Out” Concealed Carrier
by CTbuilder1 | Yesterday at 08:45:50 PM
This must be her:  ...
Re: Courant: Unions Pushing To Get Their Members Behind Malloy
by heckle | Yesterday at 08:39:12 PM
I have worked for the state since 2000. I have not yet voted for Malloy and do not intend to start now. Not all union members are happy with him....
Re: Connecticut Governor: Foley (R) 50%, Malloy (D) 43%
by Acesneights1 | Yesterday at 06:34:40 PM
Upon hearing Jindal’s comments, Malloy shot back, “Let me remind you, Louisiana – one of the poorer states, one of the highest uninsured rates i...
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