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Re: What if ?
by imahangtia | Today at 05:39:02 PM
If the democrats nominate- and the country goes on to elect- another old, rich, white male, the irony may well cause reality to fold on itself.First pigs will fly and AOC will be crowned as queen of the whole universe....
Re: Norwalk cop has two guns stolen from his car
by Glock84 | Today at 03:08:59 PM
Everyone knows it's tactical because its black :eyejack:...
American Outdoor Brands Corporation Reports Second Quarter Fiscal 2020 Financial
by CTSixshot | Today at 09:48:29 AM, Mass., Dec. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- American Outdoor Brands Corporation (NASDAQ Global Select: AOBC), one of the world's leading providers of firearms and quality products for the shooting, hunting, and rugged outdoor enthusiast, today announced financial results for the second quarter fiscal 2020, ended October 31, 2019.American Outdoor Brands Corporation logo unveiled December 13, 2016.Second Quarter Fiscal 2020 Financial HighlightsQuarterly net sales were $154.4 million compared with $161.7 million for the second quarter last year, a decrease of 4.5%.  It should be noted that $8.1 million of incremental revenue in the quar...
Re: Berdan primers?
by CTSixshot | Today at 09:28:39 AM
Wonders never cease...... a local shooter had a small collection of Dynamit Nobel primers and many are the ones I've been seeking. Now I can get some extra use out of the GP11 brass, as well as, the Albanian 7.62x54R, Swedish 6.5x55mm and French & Syrian 7.5x54mm brass. (Let's see if the Syrian cases are sabotaged as I've read in several places...?)Hooray!...
Re: Thank You CTSixshot!!
by CTSixshot | Today at 09:25:08 AM
You're too kind.In any case, let me know when you are ready to go with .30-30 and .35 Remington. M&B Sports just tossed a bunch of .30-30 brass (getting so you can't give it away these days)..35 Remington is a bit more precious and scarce. I did happen upon three boxes of mts at Heritage a while back, but I think I loaded them up already (don't shoot this caliber, of course!). I do have some bullets remaining in my stash.That Lyman 311008 works well in .30-30, too. Just size it accordingly.Cheers....
Re: CT Now Requires Banks to Disclose Gun Policies Before Engaging in Financial Biz
by M1A_All_Day | Today at 08:50:27 AM
Yup, again- if a fund returns, it returns. This entire proposed policy is just PC feel-good bologna with no consequence to parade around. And easy to hide behind the facade of an ETF or fund-of-funds. You'd have to dig into every individual CUSIP and ISIN in the fund portfolio to know the exact securities contents, which rarely happens. ...
Re: Congratulations To Holly Sullivan CCDL'S New President......
by JimK | Today at 08:20:30 AM
I second the motion. Congrats!...
Re: Credit Card Gun Purchase Bill
by JimK | Today at 08:17:49 AM
Proof that if we all don’t remain vigilant, this stuff will continue to creep in.
Re: Michael Bloomberg Pledging To Appoint Anti Gun Judges
by JimK | Today at 08:13:00 AM
I love how the Dem candidates climb over one another to be king of pandering hill.  :soapbox:...
Re: Some Good News
by BerettaBoy213 | Yesterday at 07:42:17 PM
I remember how the HPA was a sure thing.  :eyejack:...
FBI: Handgun Murders Drop When States Pass Constitutional Carry
by Mustang | Yesterday at 06:41:34 PM
FBI: Handgun Murders Drop When States Pass Constitutional Carry crime report figures show that Alaska, Arizona, and Wyoming–three states that abolished their concealed requirement years ago–have since witnessed a decreased in handgun murders.This runs completely counter to the left’s doom and gloom predictions whereby they claim doing away with a government-issued carry permit will mean more bad guys carrying guns, more shootings and violence, etc.FBI figures published by the NRA show that Alaska’s handgun murder rate “declined after the state enacted permitless carry in 2003.” Moreover, in the years since Alaska’s permit requirement was abolished “handgun mu...
Active duty sailor proves gun grabbers are right.
by imahangtia | Yesterday at 03:29:39 PM
Active duty sailor killed two with his M4, and then off'd himself with his M9 thus proving military personnel are more responsible with firearms than civilians.
Re: Background Checks and Waiting Periods - Inherently Dangerous
by Mustang | Yesterday at 01:32:35 PM
Re: Over 420 Million Firearms
by Masked | Yesterday at 09:39:46 AM
I’m surprised as I well, but I tend to have a lot more interest in rifles than handguns. AR sales just can’t hold a candle to handgun sales.EHHHHHhhhh, not as big of a discrepancy as you may think.In the "free" states, a lot of those "pistol" sales, aren't actually pistols - They're AR's manufactured to pistol specifications.Still go through as a "handgun"....

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