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Re: White House Tour
by joelcramer | Today at 07:27:23 PM
:blank:Kind of surprised he passed along the reservation request. Thought for sure he'd mysteriously manage to loose the request seeing how much he hates the current occupant of 1600 Penn Ave. Have fun. Been told its a nice tour by those who have gone (in years past) during Christmas time.Christmas decorations should be up in the White House on Dec 5th as the national tree lighting is also on Dec 5th this year. will love the national tree lighting! I hope we can get a good spot! Well crap it was a lottery and it is long closed. Maybe we can still find a vantage point someplace. ...
Re: Is Jo Jo in business?
by sludwinjr | Today at 05:47:31 PM
Probably busy gunsmithing.... answering phone calls every 2 minutes on why muh hunting rig dont shoot bullseye or why is hoffmans selling glock 69 $1.87 cheaper and will they match it ...
Re: Gun Control Fails To Keep Felon Disarmed
by WoodBurner | Today at 05:25:49 PM
Ah come on, all we need are more laws to prevent this, obviously they don't have enough. Just ask the SH Whores or blumentard or murphy or malloy et al. ...
Re: Revolver Myth
by Mustang | Today at 04:05:45 PM
Not trying to worry or scare people, its just we here it all the time "Revolvers don't jam" "Revolvers will always go bang" "Revolvers...." I like snub nose revolvers, though like other firearms they are mechanical. Two revolvers jam'd up on me through out the years and heard / read a few others. Both good name firearms and bad. Others I purchased were frozen'd up, very old 32's.  While they don't happen often they do happen.  Heck, I like Glocks a lot and I know they're just mechanical an its a myth that they don't jam.Sometime next year I would really like to pick up one of those LCR's in 357 or even try one of those 327's...
Re: How Long Does A Recoil Spring Last?
by MrNuke | Today at 04:01:42 PM
Guess I should read my gun's manuals. LOL, never bothered.I'm guessing they want people to replace the Spring before it wears down too much.The recoil system keeps the recoil very low for the size of the gun, so it probably has something to do with it too.I doubt anyone uses the P365s for a range blaster though.  ;D ...
Re: 2020 Corvette
by SJK2 | Today at 02:58:03 PM
Baseball, Hot-dogs, Apple Pie & Chevrolet.......... :banana:...
Re: So It Begins, Let The Lawsuits Ring!
by JP90Talon | Today at 12:23:56 PM
Think I can perform the same mental gymnastics and sue Mcdonalds because I'm a fat ass?I mean, if guns created violence and violent crime than clearly Mcdonalds created fat people.Time to get paid.Those horrible commercials everywhere I look make my mouth water and I cant resist the my fat ass...
Re: Primers
by CTSixshot | Today at 10:46:25 AM
ALthough mentioned elsewhere in the forum, I've found a store in Putnam that is another source for reloading components: Runnings.I recently picked up 1000 CC! 200s for $28.99.The 100 count price is $3.99, so buy 1000 to get the discounted price.
Re: 6.5 Creedmoor?
by CTSixshot | Today at 10:41:21 AM
Roger that. Thanks....
Smith Tactical Custom "Glocks"
by Masked | Today at 09:59:01 AM
Smith Tactical LLC in Oxford, CT; is proud to announce the release of a custom line of modified pistols - "glocks".I'm teaming up with a couple local manufacturers to put out a Glock that's been milled and manufactured in CT, cerakoted by us and can be made to order.I say "glocks" because by the time we're done with it, it'll use the same parts, but it feels nothing like a stock Glock. Everyone that's shot my 43x knows what I'm talking about - It's night and day.Our stock model will be on a stock Glock frame, laser stippled; or proprietary frame made to our specifications; a custom milled slide and a full set of fitted internals with a match barrel. Fitted internals means that every single pistol leaving the shop will have a trigger jo...
Re: Anyone have any experience with Standard 'other'?
by undecided | Yesterday at 11:15:29 PM
I recommend a Delta Level Defense Other but it may be out of your price range... but as they say, buy once-cry once.Fightlite SCR lower with Monte Carlo stock will be next purchase for me.I've put hundreds of rounds through mine and it's awesome. I have the longer stock and I regret getting that over the monte carlo as the rifle feels a bit weighty up front, it would be better if it were slightly shorter....
Re: Dillon questions
by Bottom Rung | Yesterday at 10:36:20 PM
I appreciate the responses.  I’m just looking to pick up this upgrade kit. I’ll probably buy one for each. Other than that both presses are in perfect working order.’ll probably end up ordering from Dillon’s website and it may not need be for a few weeks. Plus, I need to finish setting up my Lee turret press. After years of false starts, this appears to be the winter I finally start reloading. ...
Re: Milford man arrested on AWB charges.
by Chivo2 | Yesterday at 09:43:04 PM
M995 is true ap...
Re: ****RANGE DAY**** Nov 24th, 12pm to 4pm at METACON
by MrNuke | Yesterday at 05:33:32 PM
We're on with the range-day as long as it doesn't snow.Little rain is fine, but we don't want people to get stuck in the parking lot if it snows.So, if there is snow, the range day is off, if there is rain, we're good to go!...

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