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Canned responses from Esty, Murphy
by JimK | Today at 06:45:06 AM
After receiving a plea from the CCDL to write my legislators regarding HB 5054 (to require individuals who have been served with an 'Ex Parte Temporary Restraining Order'  to surrender any and all firearms prior to a hearing before a judge), I took the time to send some email. Unfortunately, all I received were canned responses from Esty and Murphy touting their records on "gun violence" and invoking words like "Newtown, background checks and large-capacity magazines" -- none of which had anything to do with what I wrote them about. So glad they show real concern for all their constituents.  :eyejack:Esty's reply...Thank you for contacting me to state your concerns about current legislative proposals to reduce gun violence. I appreciate that you...
Re: Hardcore Henry Trailer
by MrNuke | Yesterday at 11:35:04 PM
You beat me to this one. Looks like a FPS in real life. Not sure how good it can be as  a movie though. Looked too jumpy in the action sequences. ...
Re: Greysons range members?
by 2ndamendment45 | Yesterday at 11:15:36 PM
ATTENTION SHOOTERSThe range will be OPEN for business Saturday February 13th at 9:00 A.M. !! Please stop by and check out all of the upgrades!!Including our new ballistic window for your viewing pleasure! Sincerely,Your Friends at Greyson GunsSent from my NSA enabled iPad using Crapatalk...
Re: Anyone know if you can pickup at Target Sports to save on shipping?
by imahangtia | Yesterday at 11:13:29 PM
Anyone from the Willimantic area go there?  I'd like a couple of boxes... not enough to pay for shipping though....
Re: Panera Bread CEO Makes Announcement on Guns in His Restaurants
by RR917 | Yesterday at 10:21:26 PM
I dont get the big deal with panera anyways.. overpriced sandwiches on shitty bread.Their breads are a step above the supermarket, and below any decent bakery.I went there one time, wasnt impressed.But, yeah, sucks there is another place who has a problem with citizens lawfully carrying and LEOs exempt. Its just so much more insulting that way, dont you think? I dont understand the logic behind it, but it seems the cry babies hate the person, not so much the gun. Very unfortunate....
Re: Possible CTGT range get together?
by edgephoto | Yesterday at 08:29:19 PM
I might drive down to meet some of you guys....
Re: Legal to Put Threaded Barrel on Pre Ban Hand Gun in CT.?
by sbhaven | Yesterday at 08:14:14 PM
So it's legal to pay the $200.00 federal stamp to get a supressor but you can't buy a pistol with a threaded barrel to use the supressor on WTFWhat wrong with this picture".........There is nothing wrong with the picture other than a shitty law. Buy a preban pistol with threaded barrel, or buy threaded barrel for preban pistol, attach supressor, problem solved......
Do NOT bring the kiddies to see Deadpool
by DINK | Yesterday at 04:33:27 PM
Funny damn movie, but NOT for the kids.  Ryan Reynolds is perfect for the lead and Morena Baccarin is even more beautiful than she was in Firefly....
Re: AZ high school shooting report...... here we go again!
by sbhaven | Yesterday at 01:47:45 PM
Yeah looking like possible murder suicide. Supposedly two 15 year old girls with the gun found between them. The Friday before Valentines Day too....
MOVED: AZ high school shooting report...... here we go again!
by sbhaven | Yesterday at 01:46:26 PM
This topic has been moved to USA/International Firearms Related News.
Re: Microsoft lied?!?!?! Say it ain't so....
by Masked | Yesterday at 11:39:07 AM
So, I'm an NDIT - Network design/Install tech by trade. - Basically an Admin/IT etc - Have this discussion 4/5 times a week with clients that don't want 10.The reality is that none of the information Windows 10 actually sends back to the "mothership" is invasive. It's really not.The information being sent back is limited to your clicking habits, your program activation, usage...That's it. The packets being transmitted are less than 5kb's.Windows 10 does not transmit what programs were activated, what you clicked on (Unless it's a windows 10 product), nothing actually important.If it transmitted the names of anything, what you clicked on or even keylogged the search functionality, you actually have the grounds for what would be, the largest 4th Amendm...
Re: Update on Shew v Malloy (Petition to Supreme Court to be filed 02/11/16)
by sbhaven | Yesterday at 11:21:45 AM
I dont understand... one statement kind of contradicts the other... clue us in.It may be easier to get the court to grant a hearing on the case if they focus on just one narrow aspect of the AWB. If the court does grant a hearing and take up the case to rule on it, and if it goes our way, it is possible that ruling could then be used to take apart other portions of the AWB.For example, if they can get the court to admit that strict scrutiny should be used on firearms rather than intermediate scrutiny that the lower courts have currently been using to uphold the law, the next logical step is to extend strict scrutiny to magazines....
Re: Jury Convicts Bail Bondswoman Of Manslaughter, Acquits Her Of Murder
by safeaction | Yesterday at 10:24:35 AM
She was a real sweet heart to deal with (sarcasm), can't say I'm surprised by this.~g...
Guns & Cigars event in Danbury this Saturday
by CTcarrier | Yesterday at 09:53:03 AM those that smoke cigars and are on this side of the state, buttheads is holding 2A Saturday events starting this weekend.  Show up wearing your piece, get a free smoke.  Wonder if the moms will show up and protest....
Re: New Open Carry Memorandum February 8, 2016
by imahangtia | Yesterday at 08:20:40 AM
From the 2/10/16 show:Starting around 15 minutes there is a little more here including a comparison of a "Fusion Center" document and this CT open carry memo.Also some conversation about people with the Gadsden flag being considered possible terrorists, etc....Then around 20+ minutes in a Ted Topier(sp?) calls in.  Who is he?
Re: FROM 1's BACK. What to get?
by Noodles_McGee | Yesterday at 07:02:15 AM
If you just need the top rail on the ak I had Ultimaks on my 74s.Used them with aimpoints.  Worked real well.  Just got way hot.  ...
Re: Coming Soon - Bullseye Camera System
by SixShooterFan | Yesterday at 12:40:00 AM
Looks awesome.  Would be great if I had my own backyard range.  Do not believe many of the local clubs would allow this. ...
Re: Police: Gun nut kept small arsenal at Queens home
by PROBIKE101 | February 11, 2016, 07:14:17 PM
maybe just the fire marshal.........^^^^^^^^^^^^...
Re: Loaded magazines in car, Legal?
by JBear | February 11, 2016, 06:35:57 PM
Oh, I'm not necessarily thinking for clarification on the law per se, so much as what their reaction would be to it. I realize every cop may be different, but sometimes I've been surprised by what does and doesn't generally faze them. ...
Re: Hartford Courant OpEd: 2nd Amendment does not include “assault rifles”
by ctsheepdog | February 11, 2016, 04:47:32 PM
And the 1st Amendment does not apply to all electronic media only period printing presses circa 1791. The Founding Fathers never intended one's thoughts to be instantly broadcast around the world.^^^ Yeah, this! Sadly, I had never considered that counter argument but will in the future. And I am sure there is an extension of rights against illegal search and seizure (of self/house) being extended, or not, to electronic medium. ...

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